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Chapter 1226: He Had Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Another Country

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It was because of the late Emperor’s will that Beitang You was forced to wander about the world while being hunted by assassins. Fortunately for him, the old beggar had saved him and they escaped to Great Shang.

They had to hide their true names in order to survive.

Lu Liangwei looked at the Emperor on the throne.

She thought, ‘Greed is part of human nature. How could that man willingly give up the throne after sitting in it for so long?’

Once the late Crown Prince’s son was dead, the country that originally belonged to the Beitangs would be his to own completely.

The late Emperor of the Yan Kingdom probably did not expect that his will would put his grandson’s life in danger.

However, even if he had known this would happen, he would have still been forced to leave behind a will.

At the very least, there was still a chance for the throne to be returned to the rightful heir as long as the late Emperor’s grandson did not die.

When it was Beitang He’s turn to present his gift, a sudden loud noise shocked everyone attending the banquet.

“I wish you longevity on your birthday, Father…”

Braap, braap, braap…

A series of loud farts interrupted his words.

The entire banquet fell eerily silent.

Beitang He’s face flushed red, but when he saw his father’s face turned green, he went pale and fell kneeling on the ground. “I… I…”

Braap, braap, braap…

The loud farting interrupted him once more.

“Get out!” The Yan Kingdom’s Emperor’s mood was ruined and his aged face was contorted with displeasure.

“Your Majesty…”

Honored Consort Sun was about to ask for forgiveness on Beitang He’s behalf when the Emperor harshly snapped at her, “Shut up!”

She had no choice but to stay quiet despite her anxiousness.

At that moment, Beitang He felt a sharp pain in his stomach and the next thing he knew, something foul flowed out of his body.

When he realized what it was, his eyes widened in shock and everyone gave him weird looks. He felt so humiliated that he passed out on the spot.

The entire banquet hall was quickly filled with a disgusting smell.

While the banquet descended into silence, Long Yang grabbed Lu Liangwei’s hand and said to the incredibly upset Yan Kingdom Emperor, “We’ll be heading out for some fresh air.” With that, he quickly led Lu Liangwei away with him without waiting for an answer from the Emperor.

There was nothing the Emperor of the Yan Kingdom could say.

To be honest, the stench in the banquet was so bad that many felt like throwing up. However, he was the ruler of the country and could not disregard etiquette. Moreover, this happened because of his son.

However, his son had embarrassed himself in front of another country.

The officials and womenfolk looked enviously at the envoy that got to walk out.

They wanted to leave too, but did not dare do so without the approval of the Emperor.

Right then, Yuan Zheng stood up to say, “Please allow me to take care of the envoy.”

The Emperor of the Yan Kingdom was feeling frustrated and quickly waved Yuan Zheng off when he heard this.

Yuan Zheng walked out without delay.

Long Yang and Lu Liangwei were not far from the banquet hall.

Lu Liangwei could not stop laughing as she thought about Beitang He’s humiliation. “Haha, I can’t stop laughing.”

Knowing that this was Weiwei’s doing, Long Yang cheered up from the moody state Beitang He had put him in. A smile appeared on his lips as he gave Weiwei a gentle knock on the forehead. He said cheerfully, “Cheeky girl!”

Lu Liangwei hugged him around the waist. “Hmph. Serves him right for stepping on my tail.”

When she saw Yuan Zheng walking toward them, Lu Liangwei let him go and stood obediently at Long Yang’s side.

Yuan Zheng had seen the hug, but pretended he did not notice their intimacy. He smiled at them both. “Please come and have a seat at the side hall.”

Long Yang nodded and followed Yuan Zheng while holding Lu Liangwei’s hand.

After having a pot of tea at the side hall, Yuan Zheng found that it was almost time for him to leave. He got up and said, “Please continue to enjoy the tea. It would be best if you do not leave this room if you hear any commotion outside, lest you end up getting hurt.”

Long Yang nodded. “Do take care, Prime Minister.”

Yuan Zheng paused and nodded in return. “Don’t worry. I will remain standing until I see the late Crown Prince’s only son ascend the throne.” With that, he gave Long Yang a fist and palm salute, then left.

Lu Liangwei caught the implication behind their conversation and suddenly felt nervous. She said quietly, “Yuan Zheng is forcing the Emperor out of the throne tonight?”

Long Yang took a sip of tea and replied casually, “Yes.” He gave her hand a squeeze when he saw her looking a little nervous, then said, “To be precise, It’s the Fifth Prince, Beitang Linyi, who will be forcing him out of the throne. Yuan Zheng will rescue the Emperor at the right time.”

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