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Chapter 1253: 1253 Who Allowed Her To Leave

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1253 Who Allowed Her To Leave

“You’re all right, just a little weak. If you want to go for walks, don’t make it too long, or your body won’t be able to handle it. Just take it easy.” After taking Chu Jiu’s pulse, Ling Lihua softly gave her some advice.

“Thank you, Madam.”

“No problem.” Ling Lihua stroked her head before getting to her feet. “Now get some rest. I’m going to the quarantine zone to handle some unfinished business.”

“All right.” Chu Jiu got up to see her off.

“No need to see me off. You haven’t fully recovered, so just stay in bed and rest.” Ling Lihua held her down by the shoulders before leaving the tent with a smile.

Chu Jiu lay back down on the bed.

Remembering how she had almost fainted during her walk just now, she decided not to overexert herself.

She wanted to recover and return to the imperial capital as soon as possible.

Chu Jiu still went out for walks for the next two days, but she did not dare to go too far.

As per Ling Lihua’s instructions, she merely strolled about in front of the tent before retreating back inside.

During those times, Lu Tingchen did not show up again.

According to Lil Guo, the soldier in charge of caring for her, Lu Tingchen would not be at the military camp for these two days.

There was news that a couple of spies had infiltrated the city, and he had been tasked by the Grand Duke to arrest them.

Chu Jiu was glad that Lu Tingchen was not around.

On the third day, she felt that she had recovered her health, so she decided to request permission from Ling Lihua to return to the imperial capital.

However, Lil Guo told her that Madam Ling had also left the camp.

By all means, she should thank Ling Lihua and Lu Tingchen in person for taking care of her all this time. However, Lil Guo neither knew their whereabouts nor when they would be coming back, and she was anxious to return to the imperial capital, so she went to Lu Hetian.

Unaware of the intricacies of her condition and seeing that she looked fine, Lu Hetian gave his approval.

“Be careful on the way,” he reminded her.

“Yes, My Lord,” replied Chu Jiu. Remembering something, she added, “Madam Ling and the Heir Presumptive have taken great care of me during my time here. When they come back, please tell them that I’m truly grateful for everything they’ve done for me.”

“I will.” Lu Hetian nodded.

After bidding Lu Hetian farewell, Chu Jiu packed her bags swiftly and left the camp on horseback.

Very soon after she departed, Lu Tingchen returned with the two arrested spies from whom he planned to extort a confession. However, he had carelessly fallen into their trap and gotten his right arm injured while capturing them, so he was currently having his wounds bandaged by the army physician.

Just then, Lil Guo arrived with a report. “My lord, Miss Chu Jiu has bid goodbye and left an hour ago.”

Lu Tingchen’s handsome face immediately clouded over. “Who allowed her to leave without my permission?”

His terrifyingly grim expression sent Lil Guo’s heart pounding, and he answered honestly, “It was the Grand Duke.”

Frowning, Lu Tingchen pushed the army physician away and shot to his feet. “Xu Chen, bring me my horse!”

Xu Chen was startled. “Where do you plan to go?”

“Just bring me my horse,” said Lu Tingchen in a low voice, a hint of agitation in his eyes.

Xu Chen had no choice but to bring his mount over.

Lu Tingchen swung himself up onto the horse.

“My lord, you haven’t bandaged your wounds…” the army physician protested anxiously, to which Lu Tingchen wordlessly responded by offering the view of him disappearing into the distance on horseback.

Ling Lihua had just returned from collecting herbs. The moment she entered the camp, she saw her son dashing toward her on his horse.

“Chen, where are you going?”

“Chu Jiu’s gone. I’m going to look for her,” Lu Tingchen replied hastily before spurring his horse and galloping out of the camp.

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