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Chapter 1256: 1256 She Had Just Been Taken Advantage Of By Him

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1256 She Had Just Been Taken Advantage Of By Him

Chu Jiu’s eyes widened at the icy touch.

When she realized what had just happened, she pulled her sword out and pressed it against Lu Tingchen’s neck. “Don’t push your luck, Lu Tingchen!”

Even though it was just a quick peck, the softness of the sensation left Lu Tingchen completely stunned.

It was softer and more fragrant than he could have ever imagined.

He had only wanted to get some payback, but when he actually touched her, he was surprised to find himself craving more.

Even with the sword against his neck, he did not budge. His bright, black eyes were fixated on her rosy red lips.

Chu Jiu sensed his gaze and her temper rose further. Despite that, she was also a little flustered at the same time.

She shut her eyes when she saw how inappropriate he was behaving. She put a little force onto her sword and it immediately drew blood from the man’s neck.

The fresh red blood dripped onto his silver-white armor, which made a surprisingly resplendent sight.

Chu Jiu pulled herself together and growled with murderous intent in her eyes, “Lu Tingchen, I’ll say this once more. If you don’t let go of me, I will seriously kill you!”

The woman’s cold look pulled Lu Tingchen out of his reverie. Her voice was unexpectedly hoarse. However, he was not angered at all. His slender fingers brushed across the sharp blade. “If you’re really that angry, just kill me.”

Chu Jiu was taken aback and hesitated.

“Can’t bear to have me killed?” A smirk appeared on Lu Tingchen’s lips when he saw her reaction, and he teased her. He felt like a cat who had managed to sneak off with some food, and was in a particularly good mood.

This only annoyed Chu Jiu more. “Don’t push it!”

“Push it?” Lu Tingchen gave this some consideration and his fingers suddenly brushed against Chu Jiu’s waist. “I would like to do that, but would you allow it?”

Chu Jiu, “…”

This was the first time she realized that the prim and proper-looking Lu Tingchen had a hooligan’s side to his personality.

Compared to his smooth movements, Chu Jiu was unable to keep up with him.

Lu Tingchen stared at her for a while and smiled. His fingers abruptly brushed her pressure point.

Chu Jiu was instantly rendered immobile.

Lu Tingchen took the sword from her hand and slid it back into its sheath.

“I know you’re in a hurry to return to the imperial capital, so how about this? Recuperate for a few more days and when your health improves, I’ll take some time off to accompany you back to the imperial capital.”

Chu Jiu was infuriated that he activated her pressure point without warning. When she heard his words she replied angrily, “I don’t need you to accompany me. Who do you think you are to me?”

“It’s not nice for you to act like we’re strangers when we’ve already kissed.” Lu Tingchen remembered the way she looked with her long hair billowing in the air and felt his heart stir. He raised a hand to remove the hair stick from her hair.

Her hair instantly fell over her shoulders.

Lu Tingchen admired the sight for quite a while.

How had he never noticed before that this tomboy was actually so beautiful?

Chu Jiu blushed deeply when she heard his brazenly flirty remark.

She could not believe those words were spouted from the mouth of the striking and virtuous Heir Presumptive Lu.

Her face flickered between shades of red and green. She decided to close her eyes and not look at him, but could not help saying, “Lu Tingchen, I never imagined that you could be so detestable.”

“I never imagined that you could be so adorable either.” Lu Tingchen was not angered by the insult, but instead developed an interest to tease her.

Chu Jiu should have been furious about this, but when she heard his words, she blushed instead.

Her uncontrollable emotions made her feel embarrassed.

She had just been taken advantage of by him, she should, by all means, be loathing him.

Lu Tingchen glanced at the sun and stopped teasing her. He helped her up to a seated position and let her lean against his arms as they rode the horse back to camp.

When the guards at the outer gate spotted the usually aloof Heir Presumptive Lu sharing a horse with a woman, their jaws almost dropped in shock.

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