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Chapter 1257: 1257 His Handsome Face Looked Drunken

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1257 His Handsome Face Looked Drunken

Lu Tingchen brought Chu Jiu back to camp.

He carried her in his arms the moment they dismounted the horse and brought her into the tent. After that, he placed her down on the bed.

Chu Jiu closed her eyes, unwilling to look at him.

She could not understand why this person would continue bothering himself with her.

Chu Jie seethed in anger at the thought of him taking advantage of her just moments ago.

Lu Tingchen sat at the side of the bed. He was not bothered by her shutting her eyes and ignoring him.

“Are you still angry?”

Chu Jiu’s eyes fluttered open when she heard this. “Can you release me from the pressure point?”

“Nope.” Lu Tingchen shook his head and rejected her request without hesitation.

Chu Jiu’s chest was heaving heavily out of anger.

Lu Tingchen’s gaze swept toward her chest and his handsome face turned slightly red.

Chu Jiu noticed where he was looking and the fury now made her face turn pale. “Lu Tingchen, at the end of the day, you’re the Heir Presumptive of the Lu family. Can you not conduct yourself so inappropriately?”

“What did I do?” Lu Tingchen gave a start and gave her an innocent look.

Chu Jiu sorely wanted to tear his heart out of his chest.

It took a long moment for her to finally calm down and she tried reasoning with him instead. “You’re taking care of me for Her Highness’s sake, but I have already recovered. Besides, keeping my pressure point activated would only give me inconvenience. If you think that I’m not well enough to return to the imperial capital, I’ll stay for a few more days, but under the condition that you release me immediately from my pressure point.”

Lu Tingchen looked at her with slight surprise.

“I had no idea you were capable of saying so many words in one go.”

Chu Jiu, “…”

Was this even relevant?

She choked when she heard his comments and had no idea how to continue the conversation.

Lu Tingchen was genuinely surprised.

During all his time knowing her, he had never heard this woman talk as much as she did today.

She had a distant personality and never really warmed up to anyone. Whenever she had a conversation, she always used a minimum number of words.

“You are right about one thing. I can’t keep your pressure point activated forever, but if you want me to release you from this state, you have to swear that you won’t leave the army camp without my permission.”

Chu Jiu glared at him in disbelief. “Why should I swear?”

“It would mean that you’re just humoring me if you refuse to make an oath. If I release you from the pressure point now, you’ll definitely find an opportunity to slip away.” Lu Tingchen looked at her in a calm and composed manner. His dark eyes seemed to have seen through her.

Chu Jiu was screaming in her heart, but she said convincingly, “You’ve misunderstood me. It has never crossed my mind to slip away. Of course, if you don’t believe me, you are free to stay by my side anytime to keep an eye on me.”

Lu Tingchen arched an eyebrow on his handsome face. “That sounds like a good suggestion. Let’s do that.” With that, he pressed a few pressure points on her body.

The initial look of delight on Chu Jiu’s face froze when she noticed this.

A normal pressure point would not require so much effort.

While she was thinking about this, Lu Tingchen explained, “I’ve temporarily sealed your internal strength. But don’t worry, I’ll release that as well once you’re fit enough to travel back to the capital.”

Chu Jiu’s eyes twitched madly when she heard this. She tried to direct the flow of her vital energy, but found herself unable to utilize her inner strength.

Remembering everything she had gone through today enraged her again and she abruptly lifted her leg to kick Lu Tingchen in the back the moment he turned to leave.

Lu Tingchen did not expect her attack this time; he was caught off balance and tumbled forward.

However, just as he was about to fall, he quickly twisted his body and managed to avoid falling face-first.

Because of that, when Chu Jiu followed up with a lunge at him, she fell right into his arms instead.

She had wanted to sneak in a few extra punches but had not anticipated the man’s change in posture.

She ended up collapsing into his arms and, even more unfortunately, she landed sitting right on top of his waist.

Lu Tingchen was stunned when he realized where she was sitting. His handsome face looked drunken as it was filled with an intoxicated blush of bright crimson.


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