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Chapter 1258: 1258 Sorry To Bother You, Please Continue

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1258 Sorry To Bother You, Please Continue

Chu Jiu completely forgot about the inappropriate position she was in when she saw Lu Tingchen’s reaction.

As she stared at his blushing face that looked incredibly handsome in its drunken-like stupor, all she could think about was how annoying it was that he was even more good-looking than a woman!

“Ahem!” Lu Tingchen suddenly gave a light cough that broke the awkward silence in the tent. “How long are you planning to sit like this?” He paused and added, “Chu Jiu, I never knew that you harbored such thoughts for me.”

Chu Jiu realized something was not right when she heard this. She lowered her head and immediately flushed so red with embarrassment that blood could have been squeezed out of her cheeks.

“No, I…” She wanted to explain, but it seemed like that would only make matters worse in this situation, so she tried to hastily move away instead.

Before she could stand, the tent entrance was suddenly thrown open by someone outside—Ling Lihua stepped in.

“Chu Jiu, I heard you were back—”

Ling Lihua had not finished her sentence when she noticed the scandalous scene in front of her. Her eyes widened as she looked at both of them in shock.

When she realized what she was looking at, she quickly covered her eyes. Ling Lihua had always spoken fluently but even she was stammering at this moment. “You…You… Never mind, please continue what you’re doing.” She ran off quickly after that.

Oh no, what had she just seen?

Ling Lihua had interrupted her son’s happy hour.

Although, surely that was far too intense?

From the bed all the way to the ground?

Her son and Chu Jiu?

Young people nowadays…

Ling Lihua’s face turned red.

Inside the tent, Chu Jiu was completely thunderstruck after hearing what Ling Lihua said. She quickly stood up, her complexion already becoming mottled.

Compared to Chu Jiu’s flustered demeanor, Lu Tingchen seemed completely at ease.

This was the first time he saw a shy and embarrassed Chu Jiu.

Hmm… It was certainly much more adorable compared to her usual cold and distant self.

Chu Jiu ignored his gaze and abruptly headed for the exit.

Lu Tingchen reacted swiftly and grabbed her wrist. “Where are you going?”

It was the first time Chu Jiu knew what it felt like to be completely exasperated.

At the thought of Ling Lihua’s reaction earlier, Chu Jiu knew the older woman must have misunderstood something.

“I…I need to explain things to the Grand Duchess.” In a rare moment, her voice sounded choked because she was too flustered.

There was nothing more awkward and embarrassing to her than what had happened earlier.

She was sitting on top of Lu Tingchen and anyone who saw that would think she had forced herself on him.

How could she face Her Highness if she found out about this?

Lu Tingchen finally noticed something was wrong with Chu Jiu.

He stood up and closed the distance to her.

Chu Jiu’s head was already lowered and when she saw him coming, she lowered it even further. She wished fervently to be buried underground right then.

Lu Tingchen’s slender fingers touched her chin as he lifted her head. At that moment, he finally saw how her face had somehow turned ghostly pale.

He was taken aback. “What’s wrong with you?”

Chu Jiu smacked his hand away and shot him a look. She said nothing and walked past him to get out of the tent.

Lu Tingchen was not about to allow this. He reached out to grab her, pulling her into his arms.

Chu Jiu pushed him away. “Can you please not get anywhere near me?” Her voice had returned to her usual cold, distant tone.

Lu Tingchen looked at her and suddenly realized something. He frowned. “Are you worried my mother would say something against you?”

Chu Jiu pursed her lips and stayed silent.

Lu Tingchen was a little amused. “It was just an accident. Why are you treating it so seriously?”

Chu Jiu frowned. “It may have been an accident but the Grand Duchess doesn’t know that.”

“Why would you care what my mother thinks about you?” Lu Tingchen looked at her with a small smile.

Chu Jiu was taken aback. She explained, “I just don’t want Her Highness to misunderstand me.”

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