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Chapter 1263: 1263

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1263 Thank Goodness She Had Not Been Changing

If she were in a more appropriate place, she would love to enjoy her bath for a little longer.

Although Lil Guo was outside guarding her tent, she was still unable to fully relax.

Therefore, she did not spend too long in the bath.

After getting dressed, she asked Lil Guo to take the bathtub away.

Just then, Xu Chen arrived with a set of clothes in his arms.

“Miss Chu Jiu, the Heir Presumptive instructed me to bring you these.”

Chu Jiu was startled when she noticed what he was carrying. “But I don’t need them.”

“The Heir Presumptive said you may not need them now, but maybe you’ll need them in the future.” Xu Chen placed the clothes on the table, then took out a comb and gave it to her. “He ordered me to give you this too.”

Dumbfounded, Chu Jiu reached out and took it from him. No matter what, she was still grateful to Lu Tingchen, so she said, “Please help me thank the Heir Presumptive.”

“No problem, Miss,” Xu Chen replied before exiting the tent.

Chu Jiu clutched the comb and studied it for a while.

It was still new and obviously a recent purchase.

Had Lu Tingchen ordered his men to go to the city and buy it just now? Her heart leaped at the thought.

That set of clothes, too…

She ran a hand over them.

She had never worn women’s clothes before, but she could tell that the fabric was of the best quality. It felt soft and smooth to the touch, and she could imagine how comfortable it would feel on her body.

After gazing at the clothes for a moment, she looked away and sat down on the edge of the bed to comb her half-dry hair.

The next day.

Just when Chu Jiu was about to go for a walk after breakfast, the flap of her tent was lifted, and in came Lu Tingchen’s tall and broad figure.

Chu Jiu frowned, thank goodness she had not been changing.

To prevent an embarrassing incident like that from happening, she could not help reminding him, “I know we’re in a military camp, but can you please inform me before you come in?”

Lu Tingchen arched an eyebrow. “Why?”

Chu Jiu glared at him, unconvinced that he did not know the answer.

He was clearly acting clueless so he could excuse his indecency.

Pursing her lips, she said sarcastically, “Do you always barge into a maiden’s room without permission like this?”

Lu Tingchen knitted his brow and immediately explained, “I’ve never gone into another maiden’s room.”

Taken aback, Chu Jiu pressed her lips together in silence.

Lu Tingchen took a few steps toward her and with a flourish, produced a bouquet of flowers from behind his back and held them out to her. “For you.”

Chu Jiu was surprised to see the bouquet before her.

It was already autumn, and many flowers had withered, but the bouquet in his hand was still in full bloom, and its clusters of colorful petals were absolutely stunning to the eye.

“Where did you get them from?” Chu Jiu asked flatly but did not take them.

“I heard that all women love flowers. I traveled ten Li just to pick this bouquet, you know.” Lu Tingchen did not try to hide how much time and effort he had put into collecting the flowers.

He gazed at her steadily, his intention evident in his dark eyes.

“I didn’t ask you to pick them.” Frowning, Chu Jiu turned her head away awkwardly, her voice cold.

“It was my own idea, I wanted to pick them for you. Look, there’s still morning dew on the petals.” Just then, Lu Tingchen plucked a petal from the bouquet and inserted it in her hair.

Chu Jiu had not yet done her hair, and at this moment, her long tresses hung loose past her shoulders, the bright-colored petal making her appear exceptionally lovely.

She stared at him in astonishment. “What was that for?” She raised her hand to remove the petal, but Lu Tingchen stopped her.

“Don’t take it off. You look beautiful like this,” he murmured, gazing at her.

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