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Chapter 1271: 1271

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1271 Having Children In The Future

“Thank you, Grand Duchess. I’ll help myself.” Chu Jiu was pleasantly surprised.

“I’d really like to hear you call me ‘Mother’,” Ling Lihua mumbled. “I hope that rascal Lu Tingchen can be more efficient and marry you soon.”

Her mumble was quite audible and Chu Jiu heard every word. She was unsure whether she should laugh or cry. She could only pretend that she did not hear anything.

“Jiu, this roast goose is pretty good. And the steamed fish. Also, this soup… You have to bulk up a little so you can have a healthy pregnancy in the future,” Ling Lihua said offhandedly.

Chu Jiu’s face burned red as she lowered her head to eat. She did not dare to continue the conversation.

Ling Lihua realized what she had just said and was worried that she might have scared Chu Jiu with some of her words. She quickly explained, “Don’t be put off by what I said. I was just shooting off my mouth. Of course, the issue of having children in the future is something you should discuss with Chen.”

Ling Lihua did not realize that her words had the opposite effect.

Chu Jiu’s face blushed even harder. Even though she had a detached personality and had gone through countless hardships, she still could not help feeling flabbergasted in this situation.

The thought of having a child…

Chu Jiu’s face flushed red.

Ling Lihua burst out laughing when she saw Chu Jiu’s red face. She realized it was quite fun to tease her future daughter-in-law.

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Chu Jiu did not dare say another word. She was worried she could not handle what else the Grand Duchess might say.

She decided to eat quietly.

When they were both done with their meal, they left the private room.

They were about to head downstairs when the door to the private room next to theirs was suddenly thrown open from inside. The next thing they knew, a girl dressed in disheveled clothes scuttled out unsteadily.

The girl tried to run down the stairs, but a man swiftly rushed out from the same private room and grabbed her long hair viciously.

“You should serve me properly when you’re in my hands. Either that, or you can service a bunch of men at the brothel. Your choice!”

“Let me go…” The girl was clearly drugged. She spoke in a slur but tried her best to stop the man from touching her.

“What’s with that chaste act?” The man laughed hideously and tore the girl’s dress in one movement.

Chu Jiu was enraged at the sight. She had forgotten that her internal strength was still sealed. She threw away whatever she was holding and rushed forward to launch a kick at the man, making him fall to the ground.

“You b*tches. How dare you poke your nose into this? I’ll make sure to plow you too.” The man had gotten back to his feet and he reached out to grab Chu Jiu’s neck with his crooked fingers.

Chu Jiu pushed the girl over to Ling Lihua and, after evading the man’s attack, punched the man square on the stomach.

Even though her internal strength was sealed, her martial arts skills could still be deployed. In addition to that, she was physically strong, which was why it only took a few strikes for her to subdue the man completely. She stepped on the man’s back and rendered him immobile.

“Ma’am, I was ignorant. Please show mercy and let me go…” The man had lost his previous arrogance. Now that he was lying face down on the ground, his demeanor had become cowardly.

“Hand over the antidote now.” Chu Jiu stared coldly at the man under her foot.

“There’s no antidote. All she can do is…is…” The man stammered when he saw met the murderous look in Chu Jiu’s eyes.

Chu Jiu understood what he meant. She abruptly lifted her leg and flipped him over. Without warning, she stomped on him and swiftly rendered him impotent.

“Ah—” The man screamed in pain as he held his crotch, rolling about on the floor in agony.

Ling Lihua’s lips twitched as she looked thoughtfully at Chu Jiu.

She had not expected her future daughter-in-law to be this ruthless.

However, that man deserved it. It was just as well that he could no longer use that thing below his belt. He would no longer be able to harm any other good women.

When the shopkeeper heard the commotion and came running over, Ling Lihua tossed a tael of gold to him. “This man was trying to harm a woman from a reputable family. Report this to the officials, shopkeeper.”

The shopkeeper could not stop smiling as he held the gold in his hand. He no longer cared if the man was alive or dead. He readily agreed. “Don’t worry, Madam. I have already gotten someone to inform the local authorities.”

“Good.” Ling Lihua waved Chu Jiu over. “Let’s go, Jiu.”

Chu Jiu picked up the things she had flung to the ground and returned to Ling Lihua’s side. When she saw the unconscious girl in her arms, she was taken aback. She could not believe what she was seeing. “How could it be?!” The girl’s long hair had covered her face previously, which was why Chu Jiu did not get a good look at her face.

“Yes, it’s Ji Qingyuan’s youngest daughter. What was her name again? Ji-something-Xiu?” Ling Lihua had already noticed earlier. When she saw how disheveled the girl’s clothes were, she reached out to wrap the clothes tighter around her to avoid her body from being exposed.

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