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Chapter 128: She Was Still Being Kept In The Dark

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Chapter 128: She Was Still Being Kept In The Dark

Lu Tingchen regained his composure and unceremoniously poked Lu Liangwei’s forehead with a finger. “What nonsense are you thinking about at such a young age?”

Lu Liangwei said mischievously, “Lately, Grandmother has been thinking about getting you married. Who knows, she may already have obtained many paintings of different girls. When we get back, I’ll let Grandmother know, so she can quickly pick a good match for you. Then you can immediately go and meet your match.”

Lu Tingchen was not angry; instead, he laughed. “Who knows, Grandmother might be more worried about getting you married. I’ve heard Grandmother mention wanting to carefully pick a good husband for you, so you’d better be mentally prepared for that.”

Lu Liangwei gritted her teeth. Suddenly, she pulled open the curtains and shouted from the carriage, “Father, Big Brother is bullying me.”

Lu Hetian was already finding it difficult to restrain himself as he heard the pair of siblings chit-chatting in the carriage, laughing now and again.

When he heard his daughter’s words, he immediately guided his horse towards the carriage and roared with a furious expression on his face, “Lu Tingchen, you get out of there right now!”

This young rascal had really crossed the line. Lu Hetian had prepared the carriage for his daughter—what was this boy doing, trying to squeeze in as well?

Lu Tingchen pointed a quivering finger at Lu Liangwei. “You cheeky girl, you’re terrible!”

Lu Liangwei waved at him with a big fake smile on her face. “Bye, Big Brother. I won’t see you off!”

Lu Tingchen clenched his teeth. He really wanted to grab hold of her and give her a good beating, but Lu Hetian’s impatient voice cut through the air again. “What are you dilly-dallying about, you rascal? Do you want me to drag you out of there personally?”

Due to his father’s dignity, Lu Tingchen did not dare delay any longer. He descended from the carriage with a grim look on his handsome face.

Once Lu Tingchen had left, the carriage, which was only so large, suddenly became much more spacious. Lu Liangwei rolled about inside happily. When she remembered Lu Tingchen’s disgruntled expression just before he got down, she could not help being amused.

To avoid worrying the Dowager Duchess, Lu Hetian had not disclosed that Lu Liangwei had gone to Sacred Hillock Peak to gather herbs. In fact, up until now, the Dowager Duchess was still being kept in the dark about this matter.

Lu Liangwei did not return to the mansion; instead, she headed straight for their holiday home in the capital suburbs.

Both Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen personally saw to it that Lu Liangwei arrived at their holiday home. Afraid that Lu Liangwei might secretly run off without informing them again, Lu Hetian allowed Lu Tingchen to remain there as well.

Even though he was extremely unwilling to allow this pair of siblings to spend time alone together, there was nothing he could do about it. He could only suppress the twinge of jealousy in his heart and allow Lu Tingchen to stay.

The sky was already growing dark, so Lu Hetian did not linger. He left quickly together with his subordinates.

Lu Liangwei followed Lu Tingchen into the courtyard of their holiday home. Upon entering, she saw Zhu Yu standing there awkwardly. The minute Zhu Yu saw Lu Liangwei coming in, she came forward, overjoyed.

“Miss, you’re finally back…”

The little maid almost wept from happiness.

Lu Liangwei noticed Zhu Yu was walking in a rather lopsided manner, which was very unusual. Her curiosity was stirred, and she asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you walking so oddly?”

Zhu Yu giggled and replied, “I fell and hurt my foot by accident while walking, Miss. It’s nothing.”

Lu Liangwei eyed her suspiciously. As she passed by Zhu Yi, she suddenly reached out and grabbed at her.


Zhu Yu suddenly screamed as her rear was grabbed, and her petite face turned pale.

Lu Liangwei was shocked. In reality, she had only lightly brushed Zhu Yu’s rear without exerting any strength. She certainly had not expected Zhu Yu’s reaction to be so extreme.

Her expression changed, and she quickly caught hold of Zhu Yu. “I thought you injured your foot—why does your rear hurt as well?”

Zhu Yu was in so much pain she could not even speak. Tears welled up in her eyes.

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she quickly helped Zhu Yi into the room. “Quickly, lie down. Let me examine you.”

Turning, she noticed Lu Tingchen, who had followed her inside. She darted a look at him and said impatiently, “Why did you follow me in here? I’m about to take off Zhu Yu’s pants.”

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