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Chapter 1282: 1282

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1282 Are You Trying To Kill Your Husband

“Everyone has childhood friends. Besides, it all happened back when you were children, like what you said. Lu Tingchen probably doesn’t remember it anymore, so you shouldn’t hold onto the past either. Also…” Chu Jiu paused. “You’re not allowed to call the Empress by her name.”

It had bothered her greatly to hear Ji Lingxiu refer to the Empress as Lu Liangwei.

Was she out of her mind?

Who did she think she was, calling the Empress by her name?

Just because the Empress tolerated her insolence did not mean she could take it for granted.

“You haven’t even married into their family, and you’re already defending Lu Liangwei?” Ji Lingxiu could not help flaring up at Chu Jiu’s rebuke.

“No need to be sarcastic, Miss Ji. This has nothing to do with me being married or not—you’re still not allowed to call the Empress by her name. If you keep behaving so insolently, you’ll regret it when your entire family ends up being implicated. That’s all I have to say—I hope you’ll seriously consider what I just said, but if you refuse, so be it. It’s getting late, and I need to go to bed soon. Please see yourself out, Miss Ji.” Too impatient to argue with her, Chu Jiu asked her to leave brusquely.

Ji Lingxiu glared at her furiously.

She could handle being inferior to Lu Liangwei, but she refused to be reprimanded by a mere guard.

Deciding that there was no point in staying, she gave a flick of her sleeves and left in a huff.

The next day.

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Lu Tingchen came to have breakfast with Chu Jiu as usual.

However, the moment he stepped into the tent, he noticed the strange expression on her face, much to his perplexion.

Did someone rub her up the wrong way?

He walked up to her and put his arms around her, only to receive a hard slap to the back of his hand.

He had already experienced her extraordinary strength firsthand, and the sudden smack immediately left a huge red mark on his skin.

“Chu Jiu, are you trying to kill your husband?” He flicked his wrist and shot her an accusatory glare.

Chu Jiu was startled to see the patch of redness on his hand. It seemed that she had used too much force.

After thinking for a moment, she lifted his hand to her lips and blew softly on it.

Chu Jiu had only meant to help him soothe the pain, but the instant the air escaped her mouth, Lu Tingchen’s legs gave out, causing him to stumble.

If she had not caught him by the waist in time, he would have humiliated himself again.

“Jiu, why are you seducing me this early in the morning?” Lu Tingchen gazed at her as if in a trance, his eyes shimmering.

Chu Jiu raised her head to look at him, only to be stunned by what she saw.

She had always known that he was good-looking, but she never knew that he had such a seductive side to him too.

Despite being a grown man, his eyes were misted over.

“What on earth are you saying?” When Chu Jiu came back to her senses, she hastily released her grip on him. Flustered, she gritted her teeth and gave him a hard pinch right on his reddish hand.

Lu Tingchen inhaled sharply and stared at her in disbelief. “Was that on purpose?”

“It’s because you were saying stupid things!” Chu Jiu paused, then added, “Serves you right!”

Lu Tingchen put his hand down and narrowed his eyes. “Jiu, you seem really mad at me today. What have I done wrong? Why are you so fierce to me?”

Chu Jiu shot him a look and turned away. “You’re overthinking.”

Lu Tingchen steered her around by the shoulders to face him. “I didn’t just meet you, you know. Actually, I may know you better than you know yourself, Jiu.”

Stiffening, Chu Jiu clutched her sleeves. “What do you know about me?”

Lu Tingchen gazed down at her.

It was impossible to resist when being stared upon by his ink-black eyes, and that was exactly what Chu Jiu was feeling right now.

“Won’t you tell me why you’re unhappy? Hmm?” His voice dropped to a seductive murmur.

Chu Jiu hesitated.

Lu Tingchen waited patiently for her answer without urging her.

After a while, Chu Jiu placed her hands on his arms with a sigh and looked up at him. “It’s nothing much, actually. Ji Lingxiu came and spoke to me last night.”

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