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Chapter 1292: 1292

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1292 Enjoying Parenthood

Long Yang followed behind. When he thought about her reddened eyes from her fatigue, he went to Yaoyao and reached out his hands to say, “Come here, Yaoyao. Let me carry you.”

Yaoyao glanced at him. She seemed to think about it before reaching her arms toward him.

Long Yang carried her and said to Lu Liangwei, “You should go ahead and get your sleep.”

“What about you? You need to get up early for imperial court tomorrow morning.” Lu Liangwei frowned. She knew he was worried for her, but she felt the same for him. “I can sleep in tomorrow morning, but you can’t. You have to wake up early.”

“I’m a man. I’m physically stronger than you are,” Long Yang retorted. He did not allow her to continue the conversation as he reached out with one hand to hold hers, leading her back to the bedchamber.

When Long Yang was being domineering, there was nothing Lu Liangwei could do. She could only go to sleep obediently.

Yaoyao paused a moment when she saw Lu Liangwei entering the inner hall. She waved her little hands about and kept babbling.

When she saw Lu Liangwei walk away without turning back, her little lips pressed tight and she wanted to cry.

Long Yang felt a little helpless when he saw this. “Yaoyao, your mother is exhausted. You should let her rest. I’ll accompany you.”

“Wah…” Yaoyao immediately cried in front of him. Her tears flowed down continuously in huge drops.

Long Yang’s heart ached at this sight and he carried her outside.

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“Don’t you want to play outside, Yaoyao? I’ll take you with me.” He walked and cajoled her softly at the same time.

Yaoyao continued crying and it sounded heartbreaking.

Zhao Qian could not bear it. “Master, why don’t we get Nanny Chen to help cajole her?”

Long Yang watched his daughter’s face covered in tears. He pressed his lips. He did not believe that he could not cajole this little thing.

He stood in the corridor and said to Yaoyao, “Look, Yaoyao. There are so many stars in the sky tonight. Aren’t they beautiful?” He turned her toward the direction of the sky as he said this to let her look at the night sky.

The stars shone brightly in the sky that night and it was really beautiful.

Yaoyao’s attention was focused on the sky instantly. She stopped crying and her pretty eyes widened as she stared at the night sky in a daze. However, there were still tears on her face.

Zhao Qian immediately passed a clean handkerchief to Long Yang. “Master, you should help the princess wipe her face.”

Long Yang took it over from him and gently wiped the tears from his daughter’s eyes.

When he saw how Yaoyao was attracted to the beautiful, starry sky, he could not help but wonder if Ji’er would like such a starry sky as well.

At this thought, he decided to bring Ji’er out to have a look the next night as well.

“Master, let me carry the princess. It’s getting late and you should have your rest,” said Zhao Qian.

“It’s fine. I can still take it.” Long Yang rejected his offer and sat on the barricade in the corridor with Yaoyao in his arms.

Yaoyao stopped crying and looked curiously at the shining stars in the night sky.

Long Yang smiled when he saw her this way. Children were not that hard to cajole, after all.

He leaned against the pillar and held tight onto Yaoyao.

When he saw her being so obedient, he closed his eyes, wanting to rest. However, his eyelids turned heavy and he actually fell asleep.

Not long after, Yaoyao got tired of watching the stars and she leaned against him in his arms and fell asleep as well.

She curled up in her father’s arms obediently.

Zhao Qian’s heart melted at the sight.

He felt so emotional in that moment.

Before Her Highness married him, Zhao Qian had never thought that there would be a day his master would have children and the chance to enjoy parenthood.

Now that his master had a son and daughters, it was the happiest thing in the world.

Considering that the night was cold, he was worried both his big and little masters would catch the flu. Zhao Qian had no choice but to interrupt this warm moment.

Long Yang was a light sleeper and he woke up the first time Zhao Qian called out to him.

He lowered his head only to see Yaoyao asleep in his arms.


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