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Chapter 1293: 1293

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1293 Scorned By His Own Son

At the sight of his daughter’s angelic sleeping face, Long Yang’s heart melted into a puddle.

Gently, he gathered her into his arms and carried her back to the side hall.

Long Yin was still awake and playing on the bed. When he saw Long Yang enter, he merely cast him a disinterested glance.

Long Yang arched an eyebrow. For some reason, his son did not seem very fond of him.

His son rarely smiled, but from what he heard, he had smiled at Weiwei when he saw her, much to everyone’s surprise.

Apparently, Weiwei’s place in his son’s heart was much higher than his.

After passing Yaoyao to Nanny Chen, he walked over to Long Yin, bent down, and kissed him on the cheek.

The little tot furrowed his brow in distaste.

Unable to hold back a laugh, Long Yang reached out and squeezed his squishy cheek.

Long Yin kicked his legs in protest.

“Do you want me to carry you?” Long Yang teased him.

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As if to show that he was sleepy, or perhaps to pretend so, Long Yin’s eyelids fluttered close.

“Your Majesty, the Prince is getting sleepy.” Next to them, Nanny Wang said softly despite her discomfiture.

How unbelievable that the Emperor, the ruler of the kingdom, just got scorned by the Prince!

Having taken care of the Prince all along, she has gotten used to his personality.

The Prince was only less than four months old, but he was calm and composed. He was seldom clingy and preferred playing on the bed rather than in someone’s arms. Aside from Princess Yaoyao, he disliked being close to people.

The Empress was, of course, an exception.

Therefore, Nanny Wang was not too surprised to see the Emperor being rejected by him.

Hearing what she said, Long Yang stopped teasing his son and straightened up.

After leaving the two nannies with a few more instructions, he turned and walked out.

The next day.

When Long Yang rose to go to court, Lu Liangwei awoke as well. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she asked, “When did you come back last night?” She had not noticed him returning at all.

“I came back quite early. You were fast asleep, so I didn’t wake you,” Long Yang answered her while putting on his court robes. Seeing that she was still drowsy, he coaxed softly, “It’s still early. Why don’t you get some more sleep?”

Lu Liangwei sat up in bed, shaking her head. “No thanks. I promised Lil Qi yesterday that I’d treat his eyes today, and I need to get prepared.”

To her, Lil Qi was Ji’er’s savior, of course she had to be concerned about him.

Moreover, Lil Qi had injured his eyes while rescuing Ji’er.

Long Yang paused his movements. He was concerned about Lil Qi, too. “Are you sure you can cure him?”

“I’m not sure if I can help him regain his memories – that depends on luck, but I do know how to cure his eyes,” Lu Liangwei said with conviction. She had already decided on using acupuncture to treat Lil Qi’s eyes.

Long Yang had faith in her medical skills. If she said she was confident, then she definitely meant it.

“I’ll leave it all to you, then.”

“All right.” Lu Liangwei got out of bed.

It was still early in the morning, and the children had not yet stirred. After freshening up, Lu Liangwei got to work in the medicinal room.

When she had made all the necessary preparations, she ordered Zhu Yu to bring Chu Qi over.

Ji’er was still asleep at this hour. Chang was there to watch over her, so Chu Qi came alone.

Lu Liangwei instructed Chu Qi to sit down in a chair, then handed him a bowl of liquid medicine.

“Lil Qi, you’ll need to drink this medicine before I perform acupuncture on you. It’ll help to clear the blood extravasation in your brain. We’ll give it a while to take effect, and then I’ll start inserting the needles,” she explained.

Chu Qi took the bowl from her and drank its contents.

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