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Chapter 1294: 1294

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1294 Did Not Reject Their Cordiality

Next to them, Zhu Yu shuddered when she saw her mistress take out a long and thin golden needle.

When the medicine had taken effect, Lu Liangwei made Chu Qi lie down on the small bed nearby. Then, she sterilized the golden needle with fire and said to him, “It’ll hurt a bit in the beginning, so I’ll need you to bear the pain for a while.”

“All right.” Chu Qi nodded.

Lu Liangwei took a seat by the bed, picked up a silver needle, and inserted it slowly into his temple.

Two hours later.

Lu Liangwei removed the needles on Chu Qi’s head.

Chu Qi’s face was dripping with sweat.

Zhu Yu quickly fetched a handkerchief and wiped his sweat away. Then, she took a strip of white cloth and tied it around his eyes as per Lu Liangwei’s instructions.

“You can’t expose your eyes to light for the next few days, so don’t remove this strip of cloth until three days later,” Lu Liangwei informed him.

Chu Qi nodded. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You must be tired. Go back and get some rest,” Lu Liangwei advised him while packing up her medical equipment.

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When Chu Qi stood up, he teetered slightly.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei reassured him, “It’s normal to feel a little dizzy when you stand up after undergoing acupuncture treatment. The feeling will go away later.”

Chu Qi walked out without responding.

Lu Liangwei sighed as she watched him leave.

Lil Qi had never been much of a talker. Now that he had lost his memories, he spoke even less.

It was incredible that he could take care of Ji’er so well, and surprisingly, Ji’er loved clinging to him too.

When Zhao Qian and Chu Yi heard that the Empress was going to treat Chu Qi’s eyes that day, they immediately set their work aside and hurried over to see him.

Seeing him emerge from the medicinal room, they rushed up to him.

“How are your eyes, Lil Qi? Can you see now?” Zhao Qian asked anxiously.

“The Empress said it’ll take another three days,” Chu Qi replied crisply.

Although he did not remember them, ever since he returned to the palace, Chu Yi had been constantly reminding him of how close the three of them used to be, and over time, he came to believe him.

Most importantly, he felt a sense of familiarity whenever he was with them, hence he did not reject their cordiality.

“The Empress is a great physician. If she says you can regain your vision in three days, then you definitely will.” Chu Yi was immensely relieved.

When Lu Liangwei came out of the medicinal room and caught sight of Chu Yi, she suddenly remembered something major.

She glanced at Zhu Yu next to her, a feeling of guilt welling up in her heart.

Their wedding was supposed to have taken place during the eighth month of the year, but was eventually canceled due to her absence.

Now, it was already the tenth month, but they were not yet married.

Remembering this, she called out to Chu Yi, “Come here for a bit, Chu Yi. We need to discuss another date for your wedding with Zhu Yu.”

Chu Yi, who had been talking to Chu Qi with one arm draped around the latter’s shoulder, was stunned for a moment before going wild with delight.

Zhu Yu was taken aback as well. She had not expected her mistress to bring up her wedding with Chu Yi out of nowhere.

When Chu Yi’s gaze flickered over to her, she bowed her head shyly.

Smiling, Lu Liangwei said, “Butler Zhao, since you and Chu Qi are here too, why don’t you join our discussion?”

Zhao Qian beamed. “I’d love to.”

Chu Qi did not answer, but he did not leave either, which was enough to convey his attitude.

Long Qingzhi and Lin Qingyuan, having received the news of Lu Liangwei’s return, came to visit her in the palace.

They arrived just in time to hear the group discussing Chu Yi and Zhu Yu’s wedding, so they decided to join in the fun as well.

Lu Liangwei had never planned someone else’s wedding before. Long Qingzhi, on the other hand, was experienced in this area, and she finalized all the wedding arrangements in just a few words.

“I checked the calendar and found that the day after tomorrow is a suitable day for a wedding. Should we just go with that?” Zhao Qian asked the others for their opinions while flipping through the almanac.


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