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Chapter 1297: 1297 The Best Of Both Worlds

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1297 The Best Of Both Worlds

She could swear by heaven that that was not her intention at all!

Apparently, the Emperor was still dwelling on the fact that she had previously tried to find her family an adopted son-in-law.

Eventually, she cleared her throat and said, “Perhaps you have a better idea, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang gave her a sidelong glance and suddenly gestured at Long Xuan, who was busy entertaining Yaoyao. “Long Xuan’s already twenty-one, but he’s still single. I’ll have to start worrying about his marriage sooner or later, and since Lin Qingyuan’s marriage has not yet been decided, I think they’ll make a great couple.”

Long Xuan, “…”

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

Both of them went rigid.

Was the Emperor joking?

How could he talk about marriage as if it was child’s play?

Why would they make a great couple just because they were both single?

Lu Liangwei was dumbfounded too, but when she saw the identical frozen expressions of the couple in question, she suddenly found the Emperor’s random matchmaking rather agreeable.

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“The Emperor’s right. I think they’ll make a good match too,” she chimed in.

Long Xuan gaped at his royal uncle and aunt in shock.

Composing himself, he said anxiously, “Royal Uncle, Royal Aunt, you’ve got to think this through.” He cast a furtive look at Lin Qingyuan. “Miss Lin and I don’t make a good match at all. If we’re forced into a marriage, we’ll only end up making each other unhappy.”

Frowning, Lin Qingyuan added, “Your Majesty, Your Highness, I beg you to consider this idea more carefully, for I do not wish to marry him.”

“How about this—I’ll give you half a month’s time. If both of you can find the right person for yourself within this period, I’ll revoke my decision. If not, you’ll have to marry each other like I said just now.”

Hearing this, Lin Qingyuan glanced at Long Xuan nervously and asked, “Your Majesty, what if one of us can’t find the right person within half a month?”

“Both of you will have to find someone, of course. It doesn’t count if only one of you succeeds, and in this case, you’ll have to obey my command and marry each other,” Long Yang replied evenly.

“Seriously?” Lin Qingyuan wailed, “If this fellow can’t find anyone, I’ll have to be tied down by him!”

Long Xuan arched an eyebrow. “What makes you think I can’t find anyone? What if you’re the one who fails? I’ll be the one being tied down by you! I don’t want to marry you either!”

“Don’t worry. With my good looks, I’ll definitely find the right person. You, on the other hand”—Lin Qingyuan looked him up and down disdainfully—”are already so old, yet you’re still single. I doubt you can find a woman within half a month.”

Long Xuan almost exploded with rage.

Him, old? He was only twenty-one!

His fury escaped him in the form of a laugh, and gritting his teeth, he snarled, “Then you’d better hope I do, or you’ll end up having to marry me.”

Lin Qingyuan was horrified by his threat.

It must be an unlucky day on the calendar; what else could possibly explain how she had gotten into this wretched situation?

She should have checked the almanac before coming to the palace.

She looked at Lu Liangwei pleadingly, hoping she could stick up for her and, in the best scenario, persuade the Emperor to revoke his order.

Lu Liangwei was also startled by the Emperor’s decision.

At the sight of Lin Qingyuan’s defeated expression, she finally came to herself. Clearing her throat, she said with grave sincerity, “Qingyuan, you’ve got to understand the Emperor’s predicament too. Your father already brought this matter to him, so he’ll have to give your father an answer eventually. I, for one, think this is a good idea. Half a month is neither too long nor too short—it’s enough buffer time for you. If you really don’t want to marry each other, you’d better do everything you can to find the right person within that given time. If you succeed, you’ll get to marry the person you like, and you won’t have to marry each other either—you’ll get the best of both worlds!”

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