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Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Difficult To Bear

Truth be told, Zhu Yu was now feeling quite overwhelmed by this special treatment.

Her mistress used to act rashly and had often gotten Zhu Yu into trouble. The Duke could not bear to punish Miss, but when it came to servants like Zhu Yu, he was never lenient.

As for Miss, she had never felt sorry for Zhu Yu at all in the past.

Zhu Yu had long since grown used to this. She was a servant, after all; being beaten and scolded was something to be expected.

However, her mistress had changed into such a gentle person. These days, she was often attentive to the feelings of others. Just now, she had been distressed on Zhu Yu’s behalf and had even personally treated her with medicine.

Zhu Yu really liked her mistress this way. Even if she were to be punished physically a few more times, she would have no complaints about it.

Watching her mistress, who was sitting to one side, Zhu Yu felt ridiculously happy.

Lu Liangwei noticed this and asked curiously, “Why do you have such a silly smile on your face? Does being beaten make you happy?”

Zhu Yu shook her head. She pursed her lips in a foolish little smile. “I just think that Miss is completely different from before. I like you now very much.”

Lu Liangwei smiled but maintained a stoic expression on purpose. “So you really disliked the original me, did you?”

In her anxiety, Zhu Yu almost choked on her own saliva as she frantically explained, “I’ve never disliked you, Miss. Miss is my mistress; how can I hate my own mistress when I am your maid? It’s just that Miss now is even more likable than before…”

Lu Liangwei saw that Zhu Yu was trying to get up in her panic and hastily hurried forward to stop her. “It’s fine. I understand what you mean; I have no intention of blaming you either. Rest well and let your wounds heal. Don’t think any more ridiculous thoughts.”

“I understand, Miss,” Zhu Yu’s voice softened, but her eyes were shining as she watched her mistress.

Due to Zhu Yu’s wounds, which made moving around difficult for her, Lu Liangwei decided to stay at the family’s holiday home for a few more days.

There was nothing much to do in the house, so she decided to start work on developing the cure for Frostbite.

Early on, she had already formulated the prescription for the cure. Now that she had the guiding herb, the Phantom Bluegrass, the process was so much easier.

She listed out what she needed and instructed the housekeeper of the holiday house to go into the city and help her purchase the various medicinal materials she needed.

She had gathered some of these medicinal materials while at Sacred Hillock Peak and packed them into her big cloth bundle. As it happened, her bundle was in the holiday home, as Lu Hetian had not taken it away with him.

Taking advantage of the good weather, she cleaned the medicinal materials she had gathered and left them out under the sun to dry while picking out the herbs that were of use to her.

Although Frostbite was not a poison that would kill a person immediately, it was extremely toxic and was not easy to cure. There were dozens of different types of medicinal materials needed, and all were extremely time-consuming to refine.

Furthermore, since she needed to utilize so many medicinal materials, naturally, the effect of the medicine would also be quite potent. If one’s body was too weak, such potency would be very difficult to bear.

When Lu Tingchen got off duty that night and came to the holiday house, Lu Liangwei explained the situation to him.

When Lu Tingchen heard this, he asked, “You’re thinking of asking His Majesty to make a trip to our holiday home?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Actually, there’s no need for His Majesty to make a special trip. I’ll pass the fine-tuned prescription to you. All you need to do is to tell His Majesty to recover his health during this time by taking the medicine according to the prescription.”

Lu Tingchen nodded. “That would be better; it will eliminate the need for His Majesty to leave the Palace.”

Lu Liangwei handed the written prescription to him. “I’ve written down the things that need extra attention, so you can give this directly to His Majesty.”

“Alright.” Lu Tingchen carefully put the prescription away.

Right at that moment, one of Lu Hetian’s personal guards, Wang He, came in from the outer courtyard. “Heir Presumptive, Second Miss Lu, I just saw Housekeeper Chen sneaking out of the holiday house.”

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