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Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Without Leaving A Single Trace

Long Chi glanced at his hand that she was holding, feeling a little moved. “What?”

Lu Yunshuang seemed to realize just then that she had grabbed his hand in excitement, and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

She was about to withdraw her hand, but Long Chi held on to it.

Blushing hard, she pursed her lips and said a little sheepishly, “No wonder Lu Tingchen still hasn’t talked about marriage even though he’s already nineteen. Now that I think about it, he might actually have a hidden illness…”

When she mentioned a hidden illness, Long Chi’s eyes glinted.

Lu Yunshuang seemed to have a sudden as well and fell silent for a moment.

However, the two of them quickly dismissed that idea.

No matter what, they did not believe that Lu Liangwei was preparing those medicinal materials for that person.

After being poisoned with Frostbite, that man had indeed become infertile and incapable of lusting after women. However, the poison had long worn his body out after persisting for so many years, and he was now nothing but an empty shell.

No restorative medicine could help his condition, no matter how amazing it was.

For that reason, they quickly rejected the idea even though his figure had flitted across both their minds at the same time.

“It seems that Lu Liangwei is preparing those medicinal materials for Lu Tingchen,” Lu Yunshuang said confidently.

Long Chi was affirmative. “Yes.”

Lu Yunshuang gloated with delight.

Lu Tingchen had never treated her as a younger sister. In his eyes, only Lu Liangwei was his younger sister.

Although she and Lu Tingchen were not born to the same mother, his love for Lu Liangwei had once made her long for his attention, even if received nothing more than a fleeting glance.

However, Lu Tingchen had never looked at her at all. No matter how hard she vied for attention, he would not spare her a single glance.

It was as if she was no different from a servant.

This shame had taken root in her heart since she was a child. She constantly imagined that one day, she would crush Lu Tingchen and his contempt for her into a pile of mud under her feet.

That day was not too far off.

That was because the man on the throne had not much time left to live.

Once that person dies, Long Chi would ascend the throne. She would definitely become his empress, and they would oversee the kingdom’s prosperity hand in hand.

She knew about that person’s illness and also about the guiding herb it required. Allegedly, the guiding herb grew on Sacred Hillock Peak, but unfortunately for him, she and Long Chi—and of course the late Madam Ling—were the only ones who knew this secret.

However, Madam Ling had been dead for many years. Unless she could be resurrected, nobody could find a cure for Frostbite.

On that matter, she only learned about the remedy for Frostbite from the medical books that Madam Ling had left behind.

That dimwit Lu Liangwei knew nothing about this, or else she could cling to the hope of this remedy to make a giant leap in her pathetic life.

What a pity that Lu Liangwei was not destined for such a blessing.

If Long Yang was the Crown Prince’s birth father, she would probably consider offering the medical books so that Long Chi’s status as the Crown Prince would be further solidified.

Alas, Long Yang was only Long Chi’s uncle. If his illness got cured, Long Chi’s status would be at risk. If Long Yang had an heir of his own, he would strip Long Chi of his title as the Heir Apparent without hesitation and give it to his son.

How could she even think of jeopardizing Long Chi’s path to the throne?

Therefore, despite knowing the remedy for Frostbite, she would never tell Long Yang about it.

Long Chi seemed to have thought of this too, and his voice lowered. “Shuang’er, the longer we delay, the more trouble it may bring. Just go ahead and burn the medical books.”

Having the same train of thought, Lu Yunshuang nodded. “Don’t worry. When I get back, I’ll burn the books without leaving a single trace.”

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