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Chapter 1340: 1340 It Seems That You Don’t Know Your Man Well Enough

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1340 It Seems That You Don’t Know Your Man Well Enough

Not only Xia Luo but also everyone else present gaped at Long Yang in shock.

Who would have thought that this strapping, good-looking man was impotent?

At once, the gazes on Long Yang turned incredulous and even sympathetic.

The universe was indeed fair—although it gave this man good looks, it stripped him of that certain function.

The crowd’s jealousy of Long Yang immediately transformed into pity.

What was the use of being handsome if he was impotent?

Lin Qingyuan was dumbfounded.

Sensing the abrupt shift in the Emperor’s mood, she promptly abandoned Lu Liangwei and backed away from her for fear that she would be caught in the crossfire.

“I’m impotent?” Aware of the strange looks directed at him, Long Yang narrowed his eyes. Without warning, he stepped forward and pulled Lu Liangwei into his arms. “I thought you knew my ability better than anyone.”

“Exactly—that’s why I can’t let this lady fall into a living hell. I was just telling the truth.” Lu Liangwei hissed when his grip on her waist tightened sharply, but she mustered all her strength to remain composed.

Long Yang’s deep eyes bored into her, and his lips suddenly quirked into a smile. “Can I take it that you’re jealous?”

“I’m not!” Lu Liangwei blinked nervously and pushed against his chest. “It’s inappropriate for two men to hug. Let go of me right now!”

“Lu Liangwei!” Without warning, the man put his lips to her ear and said in a low voice, “It seems that you don’t know your man well enough.”

Before Lu Liangwei could comprehend the meaning of his words, Xia Luo approached them boldly. “Young Master…”

Without even turning his head, Long Yang abruptly flicked his sleeve and sent Xia Luo sailing backward through the air.


Xia Luo’s scream pierced everyone’s eardrums.

The onlookers dived out of the way to avoid being struck by her.

With everyone pushing and shoving against each other, a pandemonium instantly broke out across the hall.

Shrieks and angry shouts immediately filled Peony Pavilion, and no one bothered about Xia Luo’s safety at all.

Just then, a fiery-red figure leaped from the stage into the air and caught Xia Luo before she hit the ground.

Spinning around, she landed lightly on the floor with Xia Luo in her arms.

However, everyone was too busy shoving and yelling to admire her graceful moves.

Lu Liangwei was staggered as she stared at the scene that had gone out of control before her.

She had not expected the Emperor to retaliate.

Before she could say anything, Long Yang pulled her into his embrace. “Let’s go.”

Unfazed by the chaos, he started to lead Lu Liangwei outside when Peony Pavilion’s musclemen stormed over and surrounded them

“You’re just gonna run off like that after making a mess? Not so fast!” Standing at the forefront was the supervisor of Peony Pavilion. Glaring menacingly at Long Yang, he waved a hand and ordered, “Seize them!”

The musclemen charged at Long Yang right away, brandishing the clubs in their hands.

However, before they could even touch Long Yang’s sleeve, they were sent flying backward in agonized howls.

Soon, all of them were strewn on the floor, yowling.

The supervisor turned pale, his arrogance instantly diminishing, and he did not dare to say a word.

Long Yang’s condescending gaze swept over the crowd.

Since Peony Pavilion—the largest entertainment venue in the imperial capital—was selecting its leading courtesan that night, a good number of influential figures had shown up.

At this moment, a few of them recognized Long Yang. Just when they were about to approach him, they met his calm yet daunting gaze, which sent them breaking out into a cold sweat and extinguished their courage to step forward.

With one arm around Lu Liangwei, Long Yang turned and headed for Peony Pavilion’s entrance.

When other people tried to block their path again, the officials held them back.

However, a fiery-red figure zipped past them and planted herself in the doorway.

When they realized what had just happened, it was already too late.

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