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Chapter 1343: 1343

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1343 He’ll Think I Bullied You

Seeing the scene before her, Lu Liangwei instantly understood Long Yang’s intentions.

The words “bathing together” flashed through her mind, and the idea made her a little dizzy.

She was overcome with the urge to turn and run.

However, Long Yang was right behind her and blocked her path.

Her gaze wandered all over the place but refused to land on him. “You can have your bath first. I’ll take mine later.”

Long Yang grasped her chin. “Who was the one who boldly declared just now that I was impotent, hmm?”

Despite her diffidence, Lu Liangwei insisted on getting the upper hand. “Well, it’s your fault for attracting so much female attention! If I hadn’t said that, some other Yun Luo or Yu Luo might have shown up asking to spend the night with you! Hmph!”

Chuckling, Long Yang pinned her against the wall behind her and pressed his forehead to hers. “I can almost smell your jealousy, you know.”

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips and glared at him. Without warning, she opened her mouth and bit him hard on the lips.

Long Yang grunted in pain. Tightening his hold on her waist, he narrowed his eyes at her threateningly. “Are you asking for a spanking, young lady?”

Lu Liangwei stuck out her tongue fearlessly. “You were the one who said I was jealous. Well, let me tell you—I bite when I’m jealous. That’s what you get for attracting so much unwanted female attention.”

Thoroughly aroused by her adorable reaction, Long Yang lowered his head and sealed her lips fiercely.

Lu Liangwei kicked him in protest but was eventually overpowered.

Before she knew it, she was stripped down like a newly sprouted bamboo shoot and carried by him into the bath.

The room was engulfed in passionate heat.

A few days later, Lu Tingchen and Ling Lihua’s party arrived in the imperial capital.

Lu Tingchen had been away from the imperial capital for a year, so he and Ling Lihua went to the Grand Duke Mansion to visit the Dowager Duchess first.

As for Chu Jiu, she decided to head back to the palace.

The moment she appeared, she was faced with an “interrogation” from Lu Liangwei.

“Jiu, what’s going on between you and my brother?” Holding Yaoyao in her arms, she grinned at her.

Chu Jiu had always been easily embarrassed, and she immediately blushed at Lu Liangwei’s direct question. After stammering for a bit, she finally squeezed out a reply, “Well, you know.”

Unsatisfied with her answer, Lu Liangwei said teasingly, “I don’t think I do.”

Chu Jiu was about to crumble from the pressure when Zhu Yu came in with refreshments, much to her relief. “Zhu Yu, I heard that you and Chu Yi are married. Congratulations!” Fishing out a jade pendant from her pocket, she walked up to her, pressed it into her hand, and said sincerely, “I just found out, so I didn’t get to prepare a gift. My mother gave me this jade pendant, but I’m giving it to you now as your wedding gift.”

Zhu Yu already knew that the Heir Presumptive was going to marry Chu Jiu, so when she met Chu Jiu again, she could not help feeling somewhat conflicted.

However, her small emotional conflict was dispelled by Chu Jiu’s words.

Setting down the refreshments, she took Chu Jiu’s hand and put the jade pendant back into her palm with a smile. “Jiu, I appreciate the thought, but your mother gave this to you as a keepsake; you can’t just give it away. Besides, I can’t accept something so valuable.”

Chu Jiu said solemnly, “Zhu Yu, it’s exactly because it’s from my mother that I’m giving it to you. I’ve always thought of you as my little sister.”

Zhu Yu was greatly touched, and her eyes reddened right away.

She had shunned Jiu at first when the latter had just started serving the Empress, but Jiu was still willing to put the past behind them and treat her with kindness.

“Jiu…” Her voice trembled, and she was at a loss for words.

Chu Jiu wrapped an arm around her shoulder and smiled. “Don’t cry. If Chu Yi suddenly walks in, he’ll think I bullied you.”

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