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Chapter 135: 135

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Chapter 135: She Would Not Be The Only Woman

Hearing this, Lu Yunshuang finally calmed her worried heart as if she had taken a tranquilizer.

It seemed that she had overthought things. Long Chi was not a lecher who indulged in sexual pleasures. Why did she have such thoughts just now?

That was so wrong of her!

“You should know that although Uncle has appointed me as Heir Apparent, he’s still keeping a close eye on me. He’ll only let his guard down if you’re the only woman by my side.”

Long Chi said immediately after that.

Lu Yunshuang understood what he meant.

Long Yang wanted to prevent him from forming alliances for selfish interests. Therefore, the fewer women in the Eastern Palace, the better. It also showed that Long Chi did not ally himself with any court officials.

However, after going over his words carefully, Lu Yunshuang could not help feeling a little upset.

He was indirectly implying that if not for the Emperor holding him back, she would probably not be the only woman in the Eastern Palace.

“What are you thinking about? It’s getting late; let’s get some rest soon,” Long Chi said gently.

Looking at him, Lu Yunshuang hesitated again.

Long Chi was not that kind of person. Even a beauty like Lu Liangwei could not attract him, so how could he be an unfaithful man?

That night, Lu Yunshuang’s mind was in turmoil as she fretted over her possible gains and losses.

Meanwhile, after Housekeeper Chen had left the imperial holiday home, he took the same route back to the Lu family’s holiday home.

He tossed the money bag in his hand to judge its weight, marveling at the Crown Princess’s generosity.

She had rewarded him with a hundred taels of gold just like that.


It showed how satisfied the Crown Princess was with the news he had delivered.

It also further strengthened his determination to serve her.

He was so ecstatic he did not notice that the light was on in his room. Yawning, he pushed the door open and was about to undress for bed when he suddenly heard a snicker.

“Well, don’t you look pleased with yourself, Housekeeper Chen? Did you pick up gold?”

“That’s…” Housekeeper Chen replied subconsciously and turned his head. The moment he saw the scene in his room, the triumphant smile on his face froze solid.

“S-Sir, S-Second Miss…”

Sitting in the room were none other than Lu Tingchen and Lu Liangwei.

Judging from their attitude, they seemed to have been waiting here for a long time.

“So you still remember who we are?” There was a smile on Lu Liangwei’s face that did not reach her eyes.

Lu Tingchen did not say anything, but his handsome face was icy.

The imposing aura they gave off made Housekeeper Chen’s heart jump, and his legs started trembling.

“Of—of course, I remember…” Housekeeper Chen had an urge to dash out of his room but managed to suppress it.

However, he still held on to the possibility that he had accomplished his task discreetly enough, so he would not be exposed so easily.

With that thought in mind, he quickly collected himself and put on an innocent expression. “Why have you come to my room so late at night, Sir and Second Miss? Do you have any orders for me?”

At this moment, Lu Liangwei put on a grinning face and pointed to a teacup on the table, saying warmly, “We’re not here to give your orders. It’s just that I’ve seen how much hard work you’ve put into managing the holiday home and purchasing medicinal materials for me today. I really appreciate your competence, so I’m here to compliment you.”

Housekeeper Chen felt a little bemused when he heard this, but being not the brightest of men, he did not give it a second thought.

Sighing secretly in relief, he said with a smile, “You flatter me, Miss. I’m just doing my job. How could I…”

“Alright, drink this tea up. The Prince and I should be getting back to sleep,” Lu Liangwei interrupted him impatiently.

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