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Chapter 1353: 1353

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1353 This Time, The Emperor Was Really Drunk

Suspecting that he was drunk, Lu Liangwei frowned and made her way over to him.

There was a lingering smell of alcohol in the air – proof that he had had a little too much to drink.

“Didn’t I tell you not to drink so much?” she grumbled in a low voice.

As she approached him, she noticed the faint blush on his cheeks. The outer corners of his eyes were tinged with scarlet, making him look somewhat devilish when he glanced up at her.

Lu Liangwei stopped in her tracks, stunned.

Seeing her hesitating in place, Long Yang swooped her up onto the bed and trapped her in his arms.

“Your mother claimed that she had a hollow leg and demanded us to drink with her. How could I say no to my mother-in-law?” Twirling a strand of her hair around his slender fingers, he said nonchalantly.

Lu Liangwei was incredulous. “My mother’s not drunk, is she?”

“She’s probably close.” Remembering the image of his mother-in-law slumped over Lu Tingchen’s back at the end of the banquet, Long Yang let out a mirthful laugh.

Hearing him laugh, Lu Liangwei furrowed her brow and asked, “Are you drunk too?”

“What do you think?” Long Yang held her close and gazed at her with a smile.

Lu Liangwei wanted to believe that he was not, given his alcohol tolerance—but now that even her heavyweight mother had gotten herself drunk, she could not be too certain.

She raised three fingers and waved them in front of him. “Your Majesty, how many fingers am I showing here?”

Long Yang seized her dainty fingers and stared wordlessly at them for a while. Then, he drew them to his lips and gave them a kiss before saying in a husky voice, “Beautiful.”

Lu Liangwei shuddered and pulled her hand back quickly.

It seemed that the Emperor was drunk. Otherwise, why would he have given an irrelevant answer?

She asked a different question. “Is the banquet over? Has Grandmother left the palace?”

“Yes,” Long Yang murmured absent-mindedly before suddenly dropping his head and capturing her lips.

The strong smell of alcohol wafted up her nose. Although it was not unpleasant, Lu Liangwei turned her head away and wrinkled her brow. “It’s getting late; you should take a bath. I’m going to bed now.” With that, she moved to hop off the bed.

Narrowing his slanted eyes, Long Yang caught hold of her and pinned her to the mattress.

After tasting her to his heart’s content, he finally released her.

Even when he had left for his bath, Lu Liangwei remained lying in place, unable to collect herself.

She had not drunk a single drop, yet she felt somewhat dizzy at this moment.

When Long Yang came out of the bathroom and saw that she was still sprawled lazily across the soft bed, he went over to her, planted his hands on either side of her face, and placed a kiss on her forehead. “I thought you said you wanted to go to bed. Why are you still lying here?”

Lu Liangwei shot him a look, exasperated when she met his crystal clear eyes.

He did not look drunk in the least!

Huffing, she suddenly threw her arms around his neck and whined, “I want you to carry me…”

Long Yang’s heart thumped and melted into a puddle. At the sight of her endearing behavior, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. “Of course.” Then, he swept her up into his arms effortlessly.

Gazing at the girl in his arms, he suddenly coaxed her gently, “Weiwei, let go.”

Lu Liangwei was puzzled, but she did as she was told.

Long Yang’s lips quirked, and without warning, he tossed her into the air.

Lu Liangwei let out a terrified squeal.

She had been wrong. The Emperor was undoubtedly drunk.

Why else would he toy with her like that?

Just when she felt that she was about to hit the floor, the man’s strong arms caught her securely.

She patted her chest in relief. Just when she was about to scold him, he hugged her close as if she were a precious stone and pressed his forehead to hers affectionately. “Was that fun?”

Lu Liangwei wanted to snap at him, but when she met his adoring eyes, she stifled her reprimand. She wrapped her arms around his neck, unwilling to let go. “You scared me.”

“I’m sorry,” Long Yang replied amiably and nuzzled his forehead against hers, his voice gentle and loving. “I forgot myself for a bit just now. I was just too happy.”

“For what?”

“For being blessed with Second Miss Lu in my life.”

Lu Liangwei stared wide-eyed at him.

She had to admit that the Emperor was particularly charming when he whispered sweet nothings to her.

She nuzzled up against him. “Me too.”

Long Yin and Yaoyao were fast asleep in bed, completely unaware that their parents had lain down beside them.

As usual, Long Yang slept near the outer edge of the bed while Lu Liangwei slept on the inner edge with the two children between them.

Lu Liangwei gazed at her sleeping children contentedly, then said goodnight to Long Yang in a soft voice.

“Goodnight.” After giving her a long, tender look, Long Yang put out the bedside candle with a wave of his hand.

Time flew by swiftly. After Lu Tingchen and Chu Jiu were engaged, they decided to have their wedding during early spring the following year.

To facilitate the wedding ceremony, Chu Jiu moved into Zhao Qian’s private residence in advance.

Before that, Zhao Qian officially recognized Chu Jiu as his goddaughter.

That night, he specially hosted a dinner party. He was so happy that he ended up having a little too much to drink, and he got himself drunk before the guests did.

“I have a daughter now…”

Zhao Qian was as drunk as a lord, but he kept repeating those words over and over merrily. Anyone could tell that he was in high spirits.


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