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Chapter 1357: 1357

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1357 Take Her As A Concubine

At dinner that night, Lu Liangwei finally found out the purpose of the Ji sisters’ visit.

There was relief in Ling Lihua’s voice as she told her story. “We met Ji Lingxiu at the frontier; she was poisoned at that time. I was worried that she’d cause trouble, so I wrote a contract in advance stating that we would not bear any consequences and made her sign it. I was a bit embarrassed at first because I felt that I was being unfairly suspicious of her—I never thought that those sisters would actually show up a day before Tingchen’s wedding and demand him to take responsibility.”

She ended her story furiously.

Only then did Lu Liangwei find out that her mother had saved Ji Lingxiu during her time at the frontier.

She was dumbfounded when she learned that Ji Lingxiu wanted her brother to take responsibility for her.

The audacity!

Not only did she not thank Mother for saving her, but she even demanded Big Bro take responsibility for her!

She had never seen such a shameless person before.

However, she never realized that Ji Lingxiu harbored feelings for her brother.

No wonder she and Ji Qingyuan had paid them a visit during the first lunar month last year to make a marriage proposal to Grandmother.

It was because Ji Lingxiu had long been in love with Big Bro.

“How does she want Big Bro to take responsibility? Take her as a concubine?” Lu Liangwei said sarcastically.

The Dowager Duchess sighed. “Lingxiu did indeed suggest that.”

Lu Liangwei was startled. “Then did you agree to it?”

The Dowager Duchess glanced at her wearily. “Of course not. Even if your brother agreed to it, we still wouldn’t.”

Although having harems in that era was normal, the Lu Family men had always been loyal partners—except for that time when Shenzhi fell into Madam Zheng’s trap and was exploited by her.

As a woman herself, she knew that women already had it harder in life. It would be awful if they still had to compete with other women for attention.

Therefore, she disapproved of her descendants taking concubines.

Moreover, ever since Weiwei married into the imperial family, the Emperor had not taken a single concubine for her sake. If they themselves started taking concubines, their principles would no longer hold ground, and it would put Weiwei in a disadvantageous situation too.

Even though the Emperor’s love for Weiwei would probably not waver over something so trivial, life was full of uncertainties—the Emperor might suddenly consider taking concubines one day and use the Lu Family as an excuse to convince himself.

Lu Liangwei was relieved that her grandmother and mother had not agreed to it.

“But it looks like they won’t give up so easily.” Ji Qingyuan’s absence meant that the two sisters had come over without his knowledge.

She figured that it was Ji Linghui who had egged Ji Lingxiu on. Although Ji Lingxiu was not that great of a person either, she would not have come up with an idea as ridiculous as offering to be Lu Tingchen’s concubine when his wedding was right around the corner. She was still a duke’s daughter, after all. Ji Linghui must have whispered something to her with the intention of becoming a thorn in Lu Liangwei’s flesh.

Seriously—when would Ji Linghui stop haunting her?

Ling Lihua seemed to perceive what she was thinking and said, “Don’t worry. Ji Linghui can hardly take care of herself now, so she won’t cause any trouble for the time being.”

Lu Liangwei seemed to understand what her mother was implying as she met her mother’s gaze, but she did not ask any more questions.

Given what Mother was capable of, dealing with that disabled Ji Linghui was a piece of cake.

Nevertheless, she was much more reassured.

When Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen returned and found that Long Yang was there, they approached him to give their greetings. However, Long Yang rose to his feet first and passed Yaoyao to Lu Hetian.

“Yaoyao, let me hold you.”

When Yaoyao saw her grandfather, she immediately reached out and threw herself into his arms.

Lu Hetian quickly caught her, his heart swelling with joy.


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