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Chapter 1378: 1378

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1378 The Reason For His Tenderness

However, remembering the commotion that happened last night, Bai He had a hunch about the cause of this.

The general must have gone overboard with her mistress and she was still lost in her reverie over the night’s events.

After Lin Qingyuan was done dressing up, she headed to Madam Shen’s courtyard.

Unexpectedly, she bumped into Long Xuan at the door.

Long Xuan had just returned from the imperial court and had not changed out of his official attire.

His dignified court robes made him look mature and cold, quite unlike his usual flirty and hooligan-like personality.

Lin Qingyuan quietly smirked when their eyes met, then she averted her gaze.

She was still feeling annoyed.

While Lin Qingyuan was aching all over, Long Xuan had managed to get up early to attend the imperial court and was even looking quite energized right now. His face looked bright and refreshed, and there was no trace of fatigue.

She felt that the situation was quite unfair.

Long Xuan had no idea what was going through her mind. He went up to her the moment he spotted her and placed his hand around her shoulders.

“Did you just wake up?” His voice was gentle.

Lin Qingyuan remembered the reason for his tenderness and felt a little unhappy. She pushed away his hand and walked toward Madam Shen’s courtyard on her own.

As Long Xuan watched the woman walk away, he stared at his empty hand. He looked at Bai He. “What’s wrong with her now?”

There was a glimmer in Bai He’s eyes as she replied respectfully, “Miss must have been… tired out.”

The realization hit Long Xuan and he gave an embarrassed cough. He placed a hand behind his back and followed Lin Qingyuan into Madam Shen’s courtyard.

His mother, Madam Shen, was only forty-over years old this year. She looked quite young and had a rather petite figure. She also did not put on airs and was quite friendly.

Her upbringing could have influenced how she was filled with energy every day.

Madam Shen immediately got up to welcome her daughter-in-law when she saw Lin Qingyuan come in. “You’re here, Yuan’er.”

Lin Qingyuan was a little conscious about how her mother-in-law was so friendly and easy to get along with. She was unlike other typical mothers-in-law who enjoyed keeping their daughters-in-law under control while displaying an arrogant attitude.

“Sorry to have made you wait, Mother.” Lin Qingyuan bowed and helped Madam Shen to her seat.

Where else could you find a mother-in-law in the world like hers?

She had even personally welcomed Lin Qingyuan when she saw her arrive.

Even though they interacted like this every day, Lin Qingyuan was still not used to it and did not dare to accept it so readily.

“I didn’t wait long. I’ve only just returned,” Madam Shen said with a smile.

Lin Qingyuan knew Madam Shen was not a person to stay still. She would take care of her vegetables early every morning in the garden in her backyard.

The vegetables consumed by the entire West Reigning General Mansion came from that garden.

“It’s getting late. Let’s eat,” said Lin Qingyuan.

Madam Shen nodded with a smile. The more she looked at her daughter-in-law, the more she liked her.

She came from a humble background. Even though her son had royal blood, Madam Shen was afraid of socializing with other women from high society. She had initially thought it would be difficult to get along with her daughter-in-law, and even expected to be looked down upon, but she was pleasantly surprised to find that her daughter-in-law was not such a person at all.

Lin Qingyuan was also not ashamed to work on gardening the vegetables and fruits in the backyard the entire day. Instead, Lin Qingyuan was worried her mother-in-law would get tired and would sometimes even accompany her while trying to get her to take some rest.

When recent news got out about her son and Lin Qingyuan consummating their marriage, Madam Shen was overjoyed.

It might not be too long before Yuan’er would give her a chubby little grandchild.

Their family would be so lively then.

Madam Shen smiled as she watched her daughter-in-law, eagerly awaiting their happy family life in the future. She did not even notice her son walking in.

“You’re too skinny, Yuan’er. You should eat more.” Madam Shen took some food and placed it in Lin Qingyuan’s bowl.

Lin Qingyuan found this quite ironic. “You’re about the same as me, Mother. You’re skinny too. You should have more.” With those words, Lin Qingyuan placed some food in Madam Shen’s bowl too.

Long Xuan entered just in time to see both of them giving food to each other. They were so focused on each other that they did not notice him at all.

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