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Chapter 1381: 1381

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1381 Like A Satiated Animal

Long Xuan was not angry at all. There was a small smile on his lips and he looked like a satiated animal.

He waved off all the servants and suddenly pulled Lin Qingyuan onto his lap. He ladled a bowl of soup for her.

“Be a good girl and drink the soup.”

Lin Qingyuan did not accept his offer and turned her gaze away.

Her legs were still feeling numb, that jerk!

“Do you want me to feed you?” Long Xuan was not mad at all. He held the bowl and looked at her calmly.

For some strange reason, Lin Qingyuan felt that the look in his eyes was a little dangerous. She gave some thought to this and took the bowl without arguing. She finished the soup in one gulp.

“Good girl!” Long Xuan reached out to rub her head.

This made Lin Qingyuan feel like she was a pet he owned, and she slapped his hand away grumpily.

“Eat up.” Long Xuan was not bothered by her reaction and placed a piece of fish in front of him. He carefully picked out the bones and brought the fish to her mouth after that.

Lin Qingyuan frowned. “I’m not a child. Why are you feeding me?”

“Are you eating it or not?” Long Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and his arm that was wrapped around her waist tightened its grip.

This was clearly a threat!

Lin Qingyuan glared at him. All she could do was open her mouth to eat it.

After she swallowed the fish, she asked unhappily, “Can I get off your lap now?”

“Don’t you like me hugging you?” Long Xuan took a mouthful of food and asked her with a raised eyebrow.

“No, I don’t,” Lin Qingyuan answered without a second thought. When she saw his face darken, she quickly said, “I’m just worried I’ll disturb your eating.”

“Well, you can help by feeding me, then,” Long Xuan replied without skipping a beat.

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

She decided to let it be. If he was willing to be her meat cushion, what was there for her to be complaining about?

She decided to just finish the meal obediently.

Lin Qingyuan thought she would finally be free after they were done.

However, Long Xuan refused to let her go even after they had finished eating.

“Can you let me go?” She glared at him angrily.

She was glad that the weather was not hot. Otherwise, she would have died from the heat if they kept hugging each other as though they were Siamese twins.

“Nope.” Long Xuan rejected her decisively. Before she lost her temper, he leaned into her ear with a small smile. “I haven’t had enough of hugging you.”

Lin Qingyuan’s face turned red.

Even someone as thick-skinned as she was could not take it.

“Aren’t your legs still weak? I’ll carry you back into the room.” Long Xuan found himself in a happy mood to see her choking in response to his words. Her face had gone red but she was unable to say anything despite being mad.

How had he never noticed before how fun it was to tease her?

Lin Qingyuan thought he would finally put her down when they returned to the room. Unexpectedly, he proceeded to carry her over to the soft bed next to the window. He even instructed Bai He to make some tea in a carefree manner.

He drank the tea while flipping through a storybook Lin Qingyuan had left at the side.

Lin Qingyuan quickly snatched it from his hands and hugged it to her body. “You’re not allowed to read this.”

Long Xuan was taken aback. He smiled and said, “So, you enjoy this sort of story?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Lin Qingyuan glared at him unhappily.

“Nothing.” Long Xuan took a sip of tea. He paused before finally saying, “It’s just kind of vulgar.”

“Well, aren’t you a vulgar person?” Lin Qingyuan shot back at him.

“Hmm, I am pretty vulgar.” Long Xuan admitted.

Lin Qingyuan was surprised to see him admit it so readily.

Long Xuan laughed and suddenly reached out to touch her face. “That’s why I accepted the imperial edict to marry you.”

Lin Qingyuan was upset to hear those words. “Stop saying it as if you had no choice. Do you think I was willing to marry you? If it wasn’t for the imperial edict, I wouldn’t have… Mmm!”

Her lips were covered by his before she could finish.

Lin Qingyuan tried to kick him, but he held her down.

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