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Chapter 1386: 1386

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1386 Eavesdropping On Them

“Yes…” Lin Qingyuan trailed off weakly but raised her voice again when she glanced at the painting in his hand. “But that’s all in the past.”

“Yes, that’s all in the past.” Long Xuan cocked an eyebrow. “Then why do you still keep this?? So you can be reminded of him when you look at it?”

Lin Qingyuan’s eyes darkened. “Nonsense! That’s not true.”

“Really? Then why were you so anxious?” Long Xuan held in his anger as he asked coldly.

Angered by his domineering attitude, Lin Qingyuan could not help herself from shouting, “I just don’t like people going through my things without my permission!”

“It seems that you still haven’t fully comprehended your identity or developed any shred of respect for me,” Long Xuan snarled. Without warning, he summoned his internal strength and blasted the painting he was holding into dust.

“You…” Lin Qingyuan frowned slightly when she saw him destroy her painting, but she was not too upset about it.

After all, it was indeed all in the past. She had given her heart to the wrong person.

Seeing her gaze go vacant as if she was reminiscing about the past, Long Xuan furrowed his brow. In a trice, he leaned down and pinned her against the desk behind her.

“Are you sad that the painting’s destroyed?” he muttered threateningly, his lips hovering just above hers.

Coming back to her senses, Lin Qingyuan pushed against his chest. “What the heck are you saying? Get off me!”

Long Xuan’s dark eyes bore into her, and all of a sudden, he bit her aggressively.

Lin Qingyuan whimpered in pain, but before she could push him away, he made an advance on her once again, this time forcefully and punitively.

That night, Long Xuan was even more merciless and ignored all her desperate pleas—as if he was trying to prove something.

Lin Qingyuan wept bitterly as she clung to his shoulder.

“Who am I?” the man demanded.

“M-my husband…” Lin Qingyuan’s voice trembled so much that she could barely form a sentence.

“Good girl.” The man’s face softened. He kissed her on her clammy forehead and warned, “Remember, you’re not allowed to keep paintings of any men other than your husband—that’s considered betrayal. Understand?”

Lin Qingyuan shuddered and opened her mouth to retort, but eventually nodded helplessly when she remembered how ruthless he could be. “Yes.”

Long Xuan’s face relaxed slightly, and after a while, he finally let go of her.

Lin Qingyuan gave him a feeble kick, then wrapped the covers around herself and rolled over to the inner side of the bed.

Long Xuan was not annoyed by that, and he merely glanced at her before getting up to clean himself.

However, as soon as he got to his feet, he heard a small sound outside the window.

Perking up his ears, he caught Bai He saying in a hushed voice, “You can go back now, Matron Guo.”

“All right, all right. I’ll go back and report to Madam now so she won’t have to worry anymore,” a maidservant’s joyful voice replied.

Long Xuan was almost unable to believe his ears.

Did his mother-in-law send someone to eavesdrop on him and Qingyuan?

However, when he remembered that he had not consummated his marriage with Qingyuan on their wedding night, he somehow understood why she did this.

It seemed that his mother-in-law had sent someone to eavesdrop on them out of worry.

A corner of his mouth twitched as he glanced at the young woman, who was fast asleep in bed. She had wailed so agonizingly just now—would his mother-in-law think he had been abusing her?

The thought made him a little sheepish.

Long Xuan’s guess was right—Madam Lin was indeed worried about them.

Although Bai He had told her that they had consummated their marriage, and Yuan’er had also admitted it herself that morning, she was still not too convinced.

After all, her son-in-law had refrained from sleeping with her daughter for a long time after their wedding, so it was possible that her daughter would team up with Bai He to lie to her for the sake of assuaging her concerns.


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