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Chapter 1389: 1389

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1389 You’re Just Too Addicting

Lin Qingyuan was on the verge of losing her mind.

“Long Xuan, will you cut it out already?” she growled.

“You’re just too addicting.” Ignoring her fury, Long Xuan murmured suggestively, and gripping her waist, he rose and pinned her against the cushions.

Madam Shen arrived at Tianzhu Mountain early. She figured that her son and daughter-in-law should be arriving anytime soon as well.

With the servants accompanying her, she waited at the foot of the mountain.

Not long after, a carriage appeared in the distance and rumbled in their direction. Soon, it came to a stop before them.

Recognizing that it was one of her mansion’s carriages, she approached it with her servants.

However, the carriage remained still for quite a while, and there was no movement inside.

Just when she was about to lift the curtain, her son emerged from behind it.

She looked at her refreshed son, then peek behind him and asked, “Where’s Yuan’er?”

Standing on the carriage shaft, Long Xuan cleared his throat and replied, “Yuan’er’s recovering from motion sickness.”

Madam Shen did not doubt him at all, but she frowned. “Then why didn’t you give her a hand?” Her son was at fault for being inconsiderate of his wife.

Long Xuan paused before smiling ruefully.

He had intended to carry her down from the carriage, but she had violently expressed her refusal with her sharp nails. In fact, his back was still stinging from being clawed.

“She’s fine. She just needs some time to recover,” Long Xuan answered Madam Shen and hopped off the carriage.

When Lin Qingyuan heard their conversation from inside the carriage, she cursed Long Xuan in her heart for being the most obnoxious b*stard ever.

Motion sickness?

How could he have the nerve to come up with an excuse like that?

However, she could not dawdle anymore as Madam Shen was waiting outside. Swiftly, she smoothed down her clothes and took out a mirror from a hidden compartment to fix her appearance.

When she caught sight of the pinkish glow on her cheeks and the sultry look in her eyes, she almost flung the mirror away.

She patted her face and took another deep breath to calm herself. When the blush had faded from her cheeks, she got to her feet, ready to walk out with feigned composure.

However, her legs gave out the instant she got up, and she fell backward.

Madam Shen and Long Xuan were alarmed when they heard a thud from inside the carriage.

“What’s wrong, Yuan’er?”

Before Madam Shen could even take a step, Long Xuan leaped onto the carriage.

When he saw the woman lying on the floor, gazing at him with watery eyes, he felt a pang of guilt. Stepping forward, he scooped her into his arms.

“Don’t overexert yourself.” Before she could struggle, he warned her in a low voice.

Before Lin Qingyuan could say anything, he carried her down from the carriage effortlessly.

Seeing this, Madam Shen approached Lin Qingyuan and said apologetically, “If I’d known earlier that you had motion sickness, I wouldn’t have asked you to come.”

Lin Qingyuan looked at Madam Shen hesitantly, feeling miserable that she could not tell the truth. She was not suffering from motion sickness at all—she was suffering from what her son had done to her.

When she saw the towering Tianzhu Mountain, she decided to take advantage of the misunderstanding and feign dizziness.

“It’s my fault for being so weak, Mother.” She lay in Long Xuan’s arms and said feebly.

“It’s not your fault! It’s no big deal—since you’re not feeling well, Yunyou will carry you up.” Madam Shen stroked her hair kindly, then turned and instructed her son, “The mountain road can be difficult to navigate, so you’d better carry Yuan’er.”

“All right,” Long Xuan agreed to it pleasantly.

Only then did Madam Shen and her servants start ascending the mountain.

Long Xuan walked behind them, carrying Lin Qingyuan in his arms.

Lin Qingyuan had intended to get revenge on Long Xuan for forcing himself on her by making the journey difficult for him.

However, she had underestimated him.

Even while carrying a person, he was still relaxed and did not let out so much as a pant. It was as if she weighed nothing at all.

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