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Chapter 1392: 1392

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1392 It Would Be Nice If He Was Not So Unruly

Lin Qingyuan was a little stunned by what she saw.

Could Long Xuan be drunk?

She thought he could hold his liquor fairly well from what she saw of him drinking with her father last night.

She looked at the man lying on the table suspiciously.

She sat there for quite a while. When he continued to lay there without making any motion, she called out to him.

However, Long Xuan still did not move.

She frowned. Could this fellow really be drunk?

She got up and went over to him, nudging him on the shoulder. “Hey, stop sleeping here. It would be bad if you caught a cold.”

Long Xuan still did not move.

Lin Qingyuan raised an eyebrow as she stared at his face, flushed red from the alcohol. Memories of his bullying came rushing into her mind and she suddenly felt the notion of ‘revenge’.

However, her hand had barely touched his face when Long Xuan grabbed it.

Lin Qingyuan jumped and stared at him in a daze.

Long Xuan’s eyelids fluttered open and he glanced at her. He suddenly straightened up and hugged her around the waist, calling out in a sigh, “Yuan’er…”

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

She reached out to feel his forehead when she saw how red his face was. Could he be having a fever so high that his brain was scrambled? Otherwise, why would he call out her name in such a tender manner?

She tried to push his hands away from her waist, but it did not matter how hard she tried; she could not make him let go. She ended up sweating from the exertion instead.

She gave this some thought, and in the end, she called Bai He to help her bring him back to his room.

He was physically tall and lanky. Even with Bai He’s help, they had quite a hard time hauling him back.

Unfortunately for her, this guy was not only passed out drunk, but he had even pressed all of his weight onto her.

Lin Qingyuan was completely strained and soaked with sweat by the time they reached his room. She went limp as she fell onto the steps.

She tried to catch her breath as she looked at the man lying on the bed. She was a little troubled at the sight.

She could not just allow him to fall asleep in such a state.

After some consideration, she got Bai He to bring a basin of hot water. She personally wiped his face with a cloth soaked in the water.

She kneeled at the side of the bed and wiped his face gently. When she moved the towel aside after she was done, Long Xuan’s fair and handsome face appeared right in front of her. She stared at him, slightly stunned.

If she did not consider how unruly he was, he was actually quite good-looking.

All of his features seemed to be perfect. When put together, his face was quite exquisite to behold. He was handsome enough to mesmerize anyone.

As he was sleeping soundly, she crouched at his side and began looking at him without reservation.

If only he was not so unruly…

She thought this to herself.

Sometime later, she remembered that she should help him take off his boots.

She lowered herself to the ground and removed his boots. After that, she used every ounce of strength she had to heave his long, slender legs onto the bed.

She had just caught her breath when she noticed Long Xuan frowning as though in discomfort. Thinking he was uncomfortable sleeping in his outer robe, she climbed back onto the bed to loosen his belt as she attempted to remove his outer robe for him.

Long Xuan was not actually drunk.

It was a mere single pot of wine and he would not get drunk finishing it.

However, he had decided to have fun with this woman.

He did not expect Lin Qingyuan to take such good care of him.

When he felt the woman busying herself over making him comfortable, it warmed his heart.

She was not so heartless, after all.

He could not go on with the pretense and was about to find the right time to wake up when the woman’s fragrant scent filled his nostrils. Then, her soft, delicate hand wrapped around his shoulders while her other hand tried to take off his outer robe.

Long Xuan’s heart fluttered. His face brushed against the woman’s petite, tender body. He almost lost control and barely stopped himself from pressing her down underneath him.

It took Lin Qingyuan quite a lot of effort before finally taking off Long Xuan’s outer robe.

She watched the man, who was sound asleep, and pouted. She complained softly, “If you dare get drunk again, I’ll make sure to toss you into the lavatory and stink you to death!”

With that, she got off the bed while holding his outer robe.

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