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Chapter 1401: 1401 Lose His Rationality

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1401 Lose His Rationality

Lin Qingyuan stared at the person who had appeared out of the blue, just as shocked as she had been when she saw the snake.

The tears stopped rolling down her cheeks, seemingly frozen in place.

“Chen Xuping, why are you here?”

Without answering her, Chen Xuping squatted down in front of her and examined her injured foot swiftly.

Frowning, he said apprehensively, “We need to get you to a physician in the city now, or it’ll be too late.”

His words sent Lin Qingyuan into another panicked fit of tears. “What should I do? Am I going to die?” She was only seventeen—she did not want to die when she had not yet enjoyed her life enough.

Chen Xuping pursed his lips and glanced at her. Seeing how distressed she was, he reassured her in a low voice, “No. I won’t let you die.”

Lin Qingyuan stared at him, so stunned that she had forgotten her fear.

Just then, Chen Xuping lifted her foot. After removing her shoe and sock, he brought his lips to her wound and sucked on it.

Bai He widened her eyes and stared at Chen Xuping, dumbfounded.

Lin Qingyuan was startled as well, and her first reaction was to pull her foot away from him.

However, Chen Xuping held it down firmly, and after spitting out a mouthful of blood, he said, “Don’t move, or the venom will spread even faster.”

Hearing this, Lin Qingyuan did not dare to move anymore, but her heart was filled with mixed emotions.

Chen Xuping sucked several more mouthfuls of venomed blood and only stopped when the color of the blood had turned back to bright red.

Just when he was about to stand up, a man’s wrathful voice came from behind him. “Damn it, what are you two doing?”

The next instant, the man shot his palm out and sent a vicious blast in Chen Xuping’s direction.

Chen Xuping sensed the danger and was about to whirl around and block the attack. However, he suddenly teetered, which slowed down his movements slightly.

The attacker’s powerful palm strike landed on his body.

A metallic tang welled up in his throat. Immediately, he spat out a mouthful of blood and toppled backward.

“Chen Xuping!” Horrified, Lin Qingyuan scrambled over to him. “Are you all right?”

The corners of Chen Xuping’s mouth turned up at the sight of her alarmed face. He lifted a hand to touch her face, but then went limp and passed out.

Seeing his eyes flutter shut, Lin Qingyuan thought he had died and cried out, “Chen Xuping, don’t die…”

Bai He stared at the person who had suddenly appeared and attacked Chen Xuping, too stupefied to utter a word.

Long Xuan’s irritation only grew at the sight of Lin Qingyuan weeping sorrowfully for the other man.

Recalling the scene he had stumbled upon when he had stepped into the trees, he felt all his blood rush to his head, making him lose his rationality.

He marched over to the sobbing woman and hauled her to her feet. “Did you send me away just so you could meet your old flame in secret?”

Lin Qingyuan, who was still mourning Chen Xuping’s “death”, was taken aback by his accusation.

“What did you say?”

Long Xuan glanced at the man on the ground. He was clearly the person in the painting he had found in her maiden room that day.

His face darkened at the realization. He glowered at Lin Qingyuan menacingly and sneered. “Why? You still want to deny it even though I’ve caught you in the act?”

Lin Qingyuan was infuriated by his foreboding expression as well. “What the heck are you saying?” She shook his hand off and glared at him, seething with indignation as she recalled her encounter with the venomous snake just now.

She just had a close brush with death, yet instead of showing concern, he was hurling unreasonable accusations at her.

Desolation gripped her heart.

Of course—he was only interested in her when it came to bedroom affairs.

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