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Chapter 18

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Lu Liangwei was very dejected. “At the time, I really didn’t think a lot.”

That was a doctor’s instinct—whenever they saw a patient in need of treatment, their first thought would be how the patient might be cured.

Lu Tingchen frowned, looking at his sister’s fair, unadorned little face. He swallowed his intended reprimand and reminded her, “Never mind what happened today, but don’t be so reckless again in the future.”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei promised.

“By the way, how did you know that the Emperor was ill?” As he recalled this, Lu Tingchen could not help being puzzled.

Lu Liangwei knew that he would certainly ask about this and had already come up with an excuse. “During this period, I read medical books every day. Big brother, you have no idea how useful those books on medicine that Mother left us are. I’ve learned a lot from them.”

“That’s all theoretical knowledge, though. How did you learn how to do pulse diagnosis?” Lu Tingchen looked at her thoughtfully.1

When the Emperor was here earlier, Lu Tingchen had already thought it odd. His sister had actually said that she had taken the Emperor’s pulse, so she knew that he was in ill health—furthermore, the Emperor had also been poisoned when he was a child.

Due to the Emperor’s presence just now, no matter how puzzled Lu Tingchen felt, he could only suppress it. Now that there were no outsiders, he went ahead and voiced out the doubts in his heart.

Lu Liangwei said composedly, “Although I haven’t formally treated a patient yet, apart from reading books during this time, I learned pulse diagnosis in Dusklight Court. Actually, it’s not that difficult. I followed the books on medicine that Mother left, plus I constantly practiced, so I quickly learned how to do it.”

Having said that, Lu Liangwei batted her eyes and said in a bantering tone, “Of course, I could possibly have a talent for the healing arts, so I learn medical skills very fast.”

Lu Tingchen fell silent after hearing this.

Over this period, he had actually been observing the changes in his younger sister.

She no longer chased Long Chi around; instead, she had become diligent and motivated.

Moreover, every time he saw her, she would always have a book on medicine in her hands. He could tell that she was not doing it just for show but genuinely reading and understanding what she had read.


Like she said, perhaps she had a talent for the healing arts.


The uncertainties in his heart eased significantly as he considered this. He reached out and rubbed her head. “I think you’re not only talented, but you probably inherited our mother’s abilities.”


Lu Liangwei was secretly relieved when she heard this and nodded immediately in agreement. “You’re right; Mother was so amazing. I must have inherited her skills.”


Lu Tingchen smiled and felt comforted in his heart.

Remembering what the Emperor had said before he left, Lu Tingchen added, “It will be His Majesty’s birthday in a few days. Since His Majesty personally invited you to the Palace for his birthday banquet, you must go.”


Lu Liangwei only remembered the matter when her brother said this.


Long Yang said that on the day of his birthday banquet, she could enter the Palace to have a look.

What was she going to look at?


What he ate growing up?




Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched a little; she was slightly apprehensive.


Who would have imagined that someone like Long Yang could actually say something ridiculous like that?


“Sir, Miss, the Dowager Duchess is back.”


As brother and sister were talking, they suddenly heard a report from one of the servants outside the door.


Lu Liangwei was a little startled. She had almost forgotten that there was such a person in the Duke Mansion.


“Don’t worry, your big brother is here.” Lu Tingchen thought his sister was afraid of the Dowager Duchess, so he spoke to reassure her.


“Alright.” Lu Liangwei exhaled secretly.


Speaking of the Dowager Duchess, she was indeed an immensely extraordinary figure.

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