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Chapter 203: 203

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Chapter 203: Selecting An Adopted Son-in-law

That was because His Majesty had been meeting Weiwei in private recently.

Weiwei had met with His Majesty in private a few times to cure him of his poison.

However, Lu Tingchen did not dare reveal that His Majesty was poisoned. Not a word about it was uttered even when facing his father and grandmother.

He coughed lightly. “Lil sis’ temperament has improved lately. Plus, she has an exquisitely beautiful face. It’s very easy for her to be noticed by others.”

The Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian went silent with his explanation.

It was true that Weiwei was a rare beauty. Her beauty had been overlooked due to her terrible temperament before. Now that her character has improved tremendously, her pure, innocent beauty could no longer be suppressed.

Just as Lu Tingchen had described, Lu Liangwei could now easily attract the attention of everyone around.

It was because her beauty truly stood out.

“It’s not a good thing to be noticed by His Majesty…” The Dowager Duchess suddenly said with a worried look on her face.

Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen both understood her concern.

They had the same troubling thought as well.

The Palace may be the most glorious place in the world, but it was not a good place to be. They did not want any daughter of the Lu family to step into that burning pit.

They could not do anything when Lu Yunshuang had chosen that route for herself, but Lu Liangwei should never take the same path as Lu Yunshuang.

Lu Tingchen thought about it and said, “Grandmother, could you be worrying too much about this? His Majesty might not mean what we’ve been thinking of…”

The Dowager Duchess interrupted him. “It’s best if he doesn’t, but the thoughts of an Emperor cannot be easily deciphered by us. We need to get Weiwei matchmade to stop this from happening.”

Her expression turned grim. If it was not for what had happened in the Palace today, she had no intention of marrying Weiwei off, but it was best to prevent it.

Since Weiwei has come of age, it was also the right timing to find her a suitable family to marry.

Lu Hetian was momentarily stunned. He could not bear it. However, compared to marrying his beloved daughter into the Palace, he would rather she marry into a common family.

It would not matter if she married a family with a lower status. As long as her husband has good character and treated Weiwei well, the Grand Duke Family would take care of the rest when it came to protecting her.

At the thought of this, he said quite reluctantly, “Mother is right. I’ll let you handle this matter, but we don’t have to rush through this matter. We need to make our pick carefully. Whoever we choose has to be of good character and looks. Each criterion has to be looked into with detail.”

The Dowager Duchess laughed in an annoying tone. “Would I get my granddaughter a lowly man of terrible character?”

Lu Hetian was embarrassed. “Of course you wouldn’t. I trust your judgment.”

The Dowager Duchess sighed. She understood that he was not willing to part with Weiwei, but the current situation was forcing them to do something.

“Don’t worry. When the time comes, I’ll let both of you help judge the man. Besides, I wouldn’t force Weiwei onto someone that she doesn’t like.”

Lu Hetian breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ll leave this to you completely, Mother.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded.

Lu Tingchen suddenly voiced out at that moment. “Weiwei has thought about selecting an adopted son-in-law.”

The Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian were astonished. “Did Weiwei say this herself?”

“That’s right. She said she wanted to stay at home for the rest of her life and doesn’t want to marry. If she really needed to get married, she does not mind getting an adopted son-in-law,” Lu Tingchen helplessly informed them of Lu Liangwei’s thoughts.

He did not plan to say a word about it, but when he saw that his grandmother and father were planning to matchmake her, he could not help revealing it.

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