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Chapter 208: 208

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Chapter 208: Broke Into Second Miss Lu’s Maiden Room At Night

He stopped and craned his neck to look at the young man behind him.

“Chu Qi.”

Chu Qi stepped forward immediately. “Yes, Master?”

“I…” Long Yang opened his mouth, then paused.

Chu Qi raised his head and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

“… If you were a girl, would you prefer entering the palace and becoming the Empress or getting an adopted son-in-law?”

Chu Qi gave a surprised look and reminded him, “I’m a man.”

Long Yang, “…”

Would he possibly not know if he was a man or a woman?

He was merely drawing an analogy.

He glanced at Chu Qi, sighing eventually.

Fine, he would pretend that he had not asked.

When they were back in Hidden Dragon Palace, Long Yang retired to his sleeping quarters straight away.

Seeing this, Zhao Qian, who had been waiting, wanted to follow him inside to serve him. However, before he could step inside, the door suddenly slammed shut in front of his face with a loud bang. If he had not reacted in time, the impact would have flattened his nose.

The shock caused him to break out in a sweat, and he stared at the closed door in front of him, his heart still pounding with fear.

Why was the Master in a bad mood after returning from outside?

He turned and saw Chu Qi walking in from behind. He hurried over to him and dragged him to one side.

“Chu Qi, what happened to Master? Who made him angry?”

Chu Qi gave it some thought before replying, “I think it’s Second Miss Lu.”

Zhao Qian widened his eyes. “Second Miss Lu?”

Chu Qi hesitated, then nodded. “Yes. Master stayed in her room for a while, and after he came out, his mood turned sour.”

Zhao Qian was so shocked that he stuffed his hand into his mouth and bit on it to suppress his excitement, just like Chu Yi.

Master broke into Second Miss Lu’s maiden room in the middle of the night, stayed inside for a while, and got into a bad mood after coming out?

Various thoughts flooded his mind at once.

It was already so late, yet Master broke into Second Miss Lu’s maiden room. Could it be that he was trying to… but then got rejected by Second Miss Lu, which put him in a foul mood?

Was Master experiencing sexual frustration?

As Zhao Qian freed his hand from his mouth and wiped it on his clothes, he could not help ruminating on the situation.

Seeing the man lost in his thoughts, Chu Qi decided to ignore him. He was about to turn and walk away when Zhao Qian grabbed his arm again.

“Chu Qi, was Master scowling the whole way back?”

Chu Qi thought for a while and gave a nod, then shook his head.

Zhao Qian felt dizzy just looking at him. “Is that a yes or no?”

Remembering what his master had said to him halfway back, Chu Qi frowned and said, “Master wasn’t scowling all the way. He even asked me halfway that if I were a girl, would I choose to enter the palace and become the Empress or get an adopted son-in-law.”

Zhao Qian was dazed.

He raised his head and stared at Chu Qi’s overly delicate features. The more he stared, the more terrified he became.

How had he never noticed before that Chu Qi looked so feminine?

When the boy stood there without talking, he really looked like a girl.

Then did Master’s question to him mean that…

Panic flashed through Zhao Qian’s eyes.

Surely not?

Had Master taken a fancy to Chu Qi?

He could not stop himself from reaching out to grasp Chu Qi’s face in his hands, then moved closer to inspect him carefully.

The bizarre expression on his face annoyed Chu Qi greatly.

He raised his hand and pushed Zhao Qian’s chubby face away roughly. “Get away from me.”

However, Zhao Qian refused to let him go and chased after him hurriedly.

Irritated, Chu Qi unleashed his Light Body Skill and escaped.

Zhao Qian, “…”

The next day.

After finishing her work, Lu Liangwei went to accompany the Dowager Duchess in Longevity Hall as usual.

Gazing at her meek and well-behaved granddaughter, the Dowager Duchess pondered for a while before opening her mouth, “Weiwei, you’re already fifteen this year, right?”

Lu Liangwei’s heart sank when she heard this, but she pretended to be puzzled and replied, “Yes, Grandmother. I’m fifteen this year.”

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