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Chapter 211: 211

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Chapter 211: Am I Very Old

The Dowager Duchess’s eyes grew brighter and brighter as she spoke. “That’s a great idea. When the Duke and the Prince return, go invite them over. I need to discuss this matter with them thoroughly.”

Lu Liangwei, who was distilling the fake death medicine in Dusklight Court, sneezed all of a sudden.

Zhu Yu immediately brought a cloak over to her anxiously. “Miss, have you caught a cold? Put this on quickly.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head and said, “It’s okay, I don’t feel cold.”

However, Zhu Yu ignored her and draped the cloak around her shoulders anyway.

Lu Liangwei could only let her be. However, when she saw the color of the cloak, she stiffened.

Was this not Long Yang’s cloak?

She had forgotten to return it to him when he came over last night.

She thought for a while, then pulled the cloak off and handed it to Zhu Yu. “Let’s not use this cloak. Put it away first.”

Zhu Yu reached out and took it. Only then did she see the design clearly, and she exclaimed in surprise, “Why is this a man’s cloak?”

Lu Liangwei replied calmly, “It’s my brother’s.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yu did not doubt her and took the cloak away, then came back with another one.

The palace.

Long Yang was marking Palace Memorials in the imperial study when Zhao Qian walked in with a peculiar expression.

“Master, Prince Lu said that Second Miss Lu asked him to return this.”

Long Yang stopped his work and looked up at him.

When he saw the cloak in his hands, his brow furrowed.

Zhao Qian did not notice his master’s odd reaction and continued to say curiously, “When did Second Miss Lu leave with this cloak? Why was I not aware of this at all?”

As he spoke, he gave the cloak a good shake.


An object fell out onto the floor.

Zhao Qian leaned over and picked it up. He was about to examine it, but his hands suddenly became empty the next instant as Long Yang snatched the object from him.

Zhao Qian glanced at his expression a little uneasily. “Master?”

Long Yang stowed the dagger away under his clothes. After a long while, he asked, “Am I very old?”


Zhao Qian thought he had heard wrong.

It took him a long moment to regain his composure, and he stared at his master’s unparalleled handsome face in surprise.

Master was not old at all. Why did he suddenly ask such a question?

Moreover, he sounded like he was belittling himself.

Zhao Qian was dumbfounded.

When Long Yang’s gaze swept over to him, he immediately shook his head, a stream of flattery spilling lavishly from his lips, “You’re in no way old, Master! You’re young, successful, handsome, talented, elegant…”

When he came back to his senses, his master was long gone from the study.

Zhao Qian was perplexed. Why did Master not wait for him to finish?

Long Yang went to the imperial garden alone.

The weather was fine today, and the imperial garden was a gorgeous scene of blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies.

He walked up the rockery and looked off into the distance.

However, this tranquility did not last long.

Long Yang’s scattered thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a joyous voice.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang looked toward the source of the sound and saw a lady dressed in palace clothing bowing at the foot of the rockery.

It was the Prudence Consort. She had gotten bored staying in her palace and came to the imperial garden for a walk, but she did not expect to run into the Emperor.

She raised her alluring eyes, looking shyly at the Emperor standing on the rockery.

Despite her efforts, she could not conceal the adoration in her eyes at all.

Long Yang paused for a while. “Rise.”

Only then did the Prudence Consort straighten up. After thinking for a while, she plucked up the courage to ascend the rockery.

Seeing that the Emperor did not reject her getting close, she felt secretly joyful inside.

“Your Majesty…” As she closed the distance between them, the smile on her mouth widened.

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