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Chapter 215: 215

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Chapter 215: The Shudder That Came With It

Lu Liangwei felt her face was suddenly burning hot ferociously.

The shudder that came with his slightly coarse knuckles brushing across her face seemed to linger on her face for quite a while, rendering her slightly helpless.

The ice-cold sensation in her hand pulled her back from the reverie.

She lowered her head only to see the dagger she had returned. She was confused for a while.

What did this mean?

Why did Long Yang return the dagger to her again?

She frowned.

Right then, Zhu Yu walked in from outside, her small face looking pale.

There was a tray in her hands with two cups of tea on it, which had turned cold.

She placed the tray on the table after she entered and looked at her Miss. She wanted to say something but did not know how to.

“Miss, you and…”

She had no idea how to phrase her words.

She had heard everything that had happened in the room while outside.

She had wanted to serve tea but was afraid to do so when she saw what was happening, and did not dare to enter at all.

His Majesty was actually treating Miss this way…

She was still feeling a little shocked.

When did this happen? She has been serving by her mistress’ side all this while and yet she knew nothing about it.

By the looks of His Majesty, it did not seem like this was his first time in her Miss’ room.

Her face turned pallor. She did not dare to think much of what had happened between them.

Lu Liangwei gathered her thoughts and placed the dagger casually onto the table. She noticed Zhu Yu’s face had turned extremely pale and could not help feeling a little guilty. She held Zhu Yu’s hands and comforted her gently. “Don’t worry, His Majesty has not done anything to me.”

A look flashed across Zhu Yu’s face when she heard this. She had seen His Majesty kiss Miss’ forehead just now.

It did not seem like the first time he had done something so intimate.

She could not imagine how many times her Miss must have been molested by His Majesty behind her back.

At the thought of His Majesty’s age and status, Zhu Yu felt like dying.

She had let down the Dowager Duchess, the Grand Duke, and Heir Presumptive Lu. She had not managed to take care and guard Miss well.

When Lu Liangwei noticed her reaction, she knew that Zhu Yu had seen everything.

She paused for a moment before instructing, “Do not tell anyone about this. My grandmother and father should never know about this.”

Zhu Yu hesitated before nodding. “I understand.”

She looked at her Miss’ flawless face and asked with fear, “Miss, was His Majesty forcing himself on you?”

Lu Liangwei was silent.

It was considered so with Long Yang’s action, right?

She rubbed between her eyes. “He is the Emperor.”

Zhu Yu said a little angrily, “Even if he is the Emperor, he can’t force himself on you like this.”

Lu Liangwei looked troubled. She slumped onto the table and pondered a little helplessly. Long Yang was forcing her, but what could she do about it?

She had purposely said some terrible things to irritate him, but he did not get angry. It looked like he was going all out to get what he wanted.


She sighed heavily.

Zhu Yu suddenly thought about something and moved in close to Lu Liangwei mysteriously. “Miss, I heard that His Majesty…Erm… He can’t perform. Isn’t he giving you grief by forcing you?”

Lu Liangwei darted a look at her. “Where did you hear that from?”

Zhu Yu said quietly, “His Majesty may be a wise ruler, but he has yet to have a son after all these years. That was why he had appointed the current Crown Prince as the Heir Apparent. Just think about it. If there is no problem with him, why hasn’t he had any children after so many years? Moreover, he ended up appointing his older brother’s son as the Heir Apparent when he turned thirty. Many people are talking about this secretly, but they don’t dare to voice this openly due to the dignity of the imperial family.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched. If Long Yang were to hear these, he would be greatly enraged.

She unconsciously brushed her palms together. If she had not unintentionally touched it, she would have had the same idea as Zhu Yu and thought Long Yang could not perform.

That was the reason why she had added those types of medicinal materials targeted at treating such problems into the antidote.

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