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Chapter 217: 217

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Chapter 217: Did She Not Seem Too Young For Him

If, by chance, they were lucky enough to be the winner, not only would they be able to return with a beauty on their arm, but they would also become the son-in-law of the Grand Duke Family. The temptation was just too great, and the long wait did not seem to be a problem anymore.

Someone took the lead, and very soon, more people began surging toward Steward Wang.

“Slow down. Take your turns one at a time, and go in order. Don’t jostle,” Steward Wang was forced to shout as he saw the number of people increasing.

However, many hopefuls were crossed off the list very quickly.

“Didn’t you say that the process would only involve the fight in the arena and the test of character? How is it you’re selecting based on looks then?”

Someone who had been disqualified yelled in dissatisfaction.

“The young Miss of our family is so beautiful, even the birds and beasts would be captivated. Although we don’t expect our future master to match her in terms of looks, at the very least, he should not be someone unseemly or repulsive,” Steward Wang retorted unceremoniously with a cold laugh.

Bereft of speech, the man slunk away, crestfallen.

From behind the arena stage, Zhu Yu sneaked a few peeks at what was happening in front. Turning her head toward Lu Liangwei, she exclaimed in considerable agitation, “Miss, a lot of people have shown up.”

Lu Liangwei remained unmoved.

Although the Second Miss of the Grand Duke Family did not have a good character, she was of noble status and good-looking, to boot. Naturally, there were greedy and lecherous men who would be tempted.

Long Yang’s attitude the night before had made her understand that it would be impossible for her to get an adopted son-in-law for her family.

That was why she harbored no hope regarding today’s arena matches for choosing a bridegroom.

She gave a faint sigh.

It was not that Long Yang was a bad match. In fact, he was an excellent prospect. If she ignored the fact that he was the Emperor, she could not deny that she truly admired him very much.

Unfortunately, he was, in fact, the Emperor.

It had never occurred to her that she might attract his gaze.

Initially, she had only wanted to help him purge the poison within him and release him from the fate of a short life. Of course, she had her own reasons for it as well.

Her aim was to stop that dirtbag, Long Chi, from becoming the Emperor and ensure that Lu Yunshuang would not achieve her ambitions.

Lu Liangwei also had no idea where her slip-up had occurred; why had Long Yang begun to notice her?

Long Yang was already thirty this year, and this physical body of hers was only fifteen. Even though she was not exactly a child, as far as Long Yang was concerned, did she not seem too young?

There was a gap of fifteen years between them—more than a dozen years, in fact.

Of course, it was not that she minded Long Yang being older than her. In reality, she had been twenty-two in her past life. Even though she now had the body of a fifteen-year-old girl, she was already mentally and emotionally mature.

Lu Liangwei did not consider a man of thirty to be old. Instead, she felt that thirty was the age when a man was most attractive.

A younger man could never compare with such a man in terms of experience and bearing.

The only thing she minded was his status as the Emperor.

She was not at all against the idea of marriage. If Long Yang had been an ordinary man, she would have very happily married him.

However, he was the Emperor.

Being the Emperor meant that he had an imperial harem filled with innumerable beauties.

Even though Long Yang’s imperial harem was by no means so extravagant at the moment with only four consorts, it was enough to stop her in her tracks.

She sighed once again, and Yu Zhu could not help asking quietly, “Miss, are you worried about what happened last night?”

To be honest, Zhu Yu found it rather odd. After what happened last night, she thought that today’s arena for choosing a bridegroom would certainly be called off.

Yet, the event still took place as planned, and Miss had still come as well.

She was a little puzzled—what exactly was her mistress thinking?

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I’m fine. Don’t overthink matters.”

Zhu Yu scrunched up her small face.

Miss had sighed quite a number of times—how could she be fine?

Miss had to be troubled over what happened with His Majesty, was she not?

In her heart, Zhu Yu felt deeply unsettled, but she did not dare inform the Dowager Duchess about this.

While both mistress and maid were sighing away, the sign-ups were already coming to an end. Steward Wang had someone come and temporarily take the table away.

Even though this was an arena for choosing a bridegroom, not everyone was capable of going onto the arena stage and competing in a match.

Steward Wang chose the potential candidates with great care.

Finally, after deciding upon the number of participants, the matches began.

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