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Chapter 222: 222

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Chapter 222: Together With Second Miss Lu

Judging from the Dowager Duchess’s temper, he feared that perhaps the old woman did not wish for her beloved granddaughter to enter the palace.

Even when considering the future, he was worried that the Dowager Duchess would not compromise so easily.

It was as if someone decided that the Grand Duke was not enough of a headache, and there also had to be the Dowager Duchess who was a pain to deal with. It was no wonder the master was feeling so troubled.

It would have been fine if Second Miss Lu was not favored, like Lu Yunshuang, who was merely the daughter of a concubine who had fallen out of favor, which made the Grand Duke consent more easily.

At the thought of Lu Yunshuang, Zhao Qian’s heart shook. “Master, do you know why the Crown Prince married the Crown Princess so easily?”

Although Lu Yunshuang was not the most favored by the Grand Duke, and the Lu Family never stood in line, had it not been for Lu Yunshuang’s scheming, the Lu Family would never have allowed a daughter of theirs to wed into the royal family.

Upon hearing this, Long Yang glanced at him coldly.

Zhao Qian braced himself and continued, “The Crown Princess had pulled some strings. Even before the marriage, she already had an affair with the Crown Prince. The Lu Family had no choice but to agree to this marriage…”

As he spoke, his voice dropped lower. He constantly felt his master’s gaze on him, as though he were looking at a dead person.

Zhao Qian lowered his head, not daring to breathe. He was already sweating.

Long Yang’s gaze flashed icily, “Zhao Qian, you are quite bold!”

The anger in the Emperor’s voice frightened Zhao Qian and he knelt at once. “I was spewing nonsense. Calm down, master…”

Beads of sweat trickled down, and Zhao Qian was even beginning to desire death.

What terrible idea did he think of?

Was he thinking of allowing his master to follow Lu Yunshuang’s footsteps and imitate her infamous means to turn raw rice into cooked rice (TN: a saying that means what’s lost is lost. In this context, Zhao Qian is implying that Long Yang and Second Miss Lu should have sex before marriage to seal the deal) so that the Lu Family would have no choice but to agree?

What did he make of Second Miss Lu?

It was no wonder that the master became so angry.

“If you let me hear similar words again, you no longer need to stay by my side.” A terrifying cold light glimmered in Long Yang’s long, narrow phoenix eyes.

Zhao Qian lowered his head to the ground to kowtow, “I understand that I was wrong.”

After this episode, Chu Yi did not dare to bring up the matter of having a substitute for the next day.

When the master was angry, he was very intimidating.

Throwing another glance at Zhao Qian’s appearance, he felt that it would be better if he went to the arena himself tomorrow.

To redeem himself, Zhao Qian racked his brain to come up with an alternative.

All of a sudden, an idea popped up in his mind. “Master, I heard that Second Miss Lu likes to eat peaches. The peaches in the imperial holiday home have ripened, and they are all big and sweet. Perhaps Master should invite Second Miss Lu to enjoy herself in the imperial holiday home? She may very well be pleased by this.”

The master had grown feelings for Second Miss Lu, yet he did not know how to touch a lady’s heart, which was the best way to woo a lady.

Of course, Second Miss Lu was different from the other ladies. Nonetheless, she was still a lady. As long as the master gave her some pleasant surprises from time to time, he would surely be able to capture her heart.

Once the time came for Second Miss Lu to fall in love with the master, why worry that the Lu Family would not give their blessing?

Previously, Second Miss Lu had loved the Crown Prince so much she even hanged herself for him. That time, the Grand Duke had almost agreed to let Second Miss Lu become the Crown Prince’s concubine.

At the thought of that, the smile on Zhao Qian’s face stiffened slightly.

There…seemed to be something wrong?

Initially, Second Miss Lu had liked the Crown Prince. If the Emperor were to wed her into the palace, would that not mean that the Crown Prince would have to address her as his aunt?


Zhao Qian suddenly felt lightheaded.

Did his master not mind that at all?

After all, Second Miss Lu had once loved the Crown Prince so deeply. It was a matter known to everyone.

Zhao Qian felt as though the burning fire in his heart had just been doused by a bucket of ice-cold water, wilted.

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