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Chapter 224: 224

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Chapter 224: Deliberately Ignored His Intimate Gesture

Long Yang was handling some important Palace Memorials at the time. He paused when he saw the girl coming in through the door.

Lu Liangwei walked in with her gaze trained on Long Yang and curtsied to him. “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

As Long Yang looked at her lowered head, a smile tugging at his lips, and his voice subconsciously became gentle. “Didn’t I say that you need not greet me formally in private?”

Lu Liangwei did not lift her head. “We should not forgo etiquette.”

Zhao Qian, who was standing by the door, felt nervous when he heard her reply.

Even a fool could tell that Second Miss Lu was unhappy right now.

He wiped his sweat, thinking to himself, ‘I’m doomed.’

If Second Miss Lu were unhappy, Master would also be unhappy.

This idea he had come up with seemed to be a failure.

Long Yang put down the brush in his hand. He walked out from behind the table and helped the curtsying girl up.

Before Lu Liangwei could react, she felt a dry and warm hand grip her hand tightly.

“Let’s go.”

Lu Liangwei looked at their linked hands and was about to struggle but eventually decided against it. She had no choice but to let him lead her out of the study room.

When they arrived at the peach orchard, Lu Liangwei’s eyes lit up at the sight of the abundant peaches hanging on the trees.

The imperial holiday home’s peach orchard certainly lived up to its reputation. The area stretched out far and wide, and the peaches on the branches were much larger than those in the Lu family’s holiday home.

The big, red fruits hung from the boughs, looking extremely tempting.

Noticing her bright eyes staring at the peaches on the trees, Long Yang let go of her hand. “You can hang out here for a while. I have something I need to deal with first. I’ll come to accompany you later.”

Lu Liangwei said hurriedly, “Go ahead, Your Majesty.”

Noting how anxious she was for him to leave, Long Yang narrowed his eyes, but his displeasure vanished quickly.

He stroked her head with his hand. “Very well. If you need anything, just call for Zhao Qian.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei deliberately ignored his intimate gesture and responded meekly.

Long Yang gazed at her deeply before turning around and walking away.

Zhao Qian was waiting at the exit and was dumbfounded to see his master come out so soon.

‘Why didn’t Master stay and keep Second Miss Lu company? Then what’s the point of today’s arrangements?’

‘Why didn’t Master take the opportunity to accompany Second Miss Lu more and improve their relationship?’

Gathering his thoughts, he quickly approached Long Yang. “Master?”

“Bring Second Miss Lu a ladder, and make sure of her safety.” Long Yang’s voice was slightly deeper than usual.

Zhao Qian immediately obeyed, “I’ll arrange for it right away.”

Without stopping, Long Yang made his way back to the study room.

He stared at the Palace Memorials on his table, but he no longer felt like marking them.

He had intentionally left the palace today for Lu Liangwei, but that girl’s rejection was so painfully obvious.

If he stayed with her, he would only make her uncomfortable.

He sat down in his chair, feeling for the first time that this matter was rather difficult.

He leaned onto the table and massaged the spot between his eyebrows.

That girl may look young, but she had bold ideas and a stubborn personality. If he backed her into a corner, would she turn and immediately run away?

Meanwhile, in the peach orchard, Lu Liangwei was unaware of the worry gripping Long Yang’s heart. The moment he left, she felt much more relaxed.

There was not a soul in the entire peach orchard. The fruit farmers must have been informed in advance and had been transferred away.

Lu Liangwei relished in the tranquility.

She took a fancy to a cluster of big, red peaches on one of the peach trees. Rolling up her sleeves, she wrapped her arms around the tree trunk and climbed up barehanded.

When Zhao Qian and another servant arrived with the ladder, he saw Lu Liangwei climbing up the tree with quick and agile movements.

He was astonished. From Second Miss Lu’s appearance, he never would have imagined she could do something like climbing trees.

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