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Chapter 231: 231

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Chapter 231: He Carried Her In His Arms

Long Yang’s lips pursed when he saw her acting so politely. He took his outer robe from her without saying a word.

Lu Liangwei tried to stand up by balancing herself against the tree, but her legs were so numb as if many ants were nibbling on her.

Lu Liangwei frowned and massaged her legs. She wanted to try standing up again once the numbness subsided when Long Yang’s long, slender fingers reached over and helped her stand up without allowing her any room for protest.

“Is it very numb?” His voice was husky and they were quite close to each other. The fresh, fragrant scent on him filled up Lu Liangwei’s nostrils dominantly.

Lu Liangwei blushed without warning.

She was suddenly enveloped by his manly aura.

She felt a little embarrassed but it was not a good idea to push him away.

“Yes,” she replied quietly.

Long Yang did not say anything. He placed the outer robe in his hands over her shoulders and carried her in his arms.

Lu Liangwei was surprised as she suddenly felt herself being lifted in the air, but she did not scream.

She was especially quiet and obedient.

Long Yang lowered his eyes to look at her. A smile flashed in his deep, mysterious eyes, and he was even able to ignore the slight pain in his left hand.

He carried her and walked easily back into the foreyard.

When they were about to reach the foreyard, Lu Liangwei finally said, “My legs are no longer numb.”

Long Yang did not force anything onto her as he bent over to place her down.

Lu Liangwei was secretly relieved the moment her feet landed on the ground. She quickly said, “Your Majesty, it’s getting late. I should be returning.”

Long Yang nodded. “Yes, I’m about to return to the Palace too. Let me see you back.”

Lu Liangwei darted him a glance. “Aren’t you staying?”

Long Yang lifted his left arm. “There’s no imperial physician here.”

The expression on Lu Liangwei’s face changed as she quickly held his hand. “I almost forgot about this. Are you feeling okay?”

He had just been carrying her all the way back from behind the mountains.

Long Yang’s lips curved upwards slightly. “I’m fine. You’re quite light.”

Lu Liangwei was feeling a little worried.

She had completely forgotten about his wounded left arm.

“I’m really alright. You can check if you don’t believe it. It’s okay.”

Lu Liangwei checked his wound with care and felt relieved to find that it was not bleeding.

“Your Majesty, please don’t do this next time,” she said with a solemn face.

A light smile flashed deep in Long Yang’s eyes. “Are you worried about me?”

“You’re the Emperor and you were hurt because of me. Naturally, I would be worried,” Lu Liangwei said without much thought.

Long Yang’s expression faltered slightly. “You can stop worrying now. I’m completely fine.”

Lu Liangwei placed her hands down. “Alright, then I should be returning.”

Long Yang walked in front of her toward the holiday home entrance. “I’ll see you back.”

Lu Liangwei did not decline. She was not in a position to do so too.

When they got to the entrance, they saw Zhu Yu waiting there.

Zhu Yu was quite anxious and when she saw Lu Liangwei, she quickly approached her. “Miss, are you alright?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Zhu Yu was feeling anxious. Seeing her, she immediately walked to the front and asked, “Miss, are you alright?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head as she replied, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Zhu Yu felt relieved hearing her reply. When she saw Long Yang, she immediately knelt to greet him. “Your humble servant greets the Emperor.”

“You may stand,” Long Yang said nonchalantly. He waited for Zhao Qian to bring the horses over and reached out his hand naturally to help Lu Liangwei up the horse.

Lu Liangwei felt slightly awkward when she saw the slightly surprised look on Zhu Yu’s face.

It was just getting up onto a horse, she could do it herself.

However, Long Yang was the Emperor. If she declined him in public, it would be a blow to his dignity.

That was why she would have to bear with it.

She grabbed on tight to the reins and could not wait to leave. However, she did not dare to make the first move as Long Yang had not left yet.

She felt stressed.

When Long Yang saw her sitting on the horse with a troubled look on her face, he knew what was bothering her. He sighed slightly. “Lu Liangwei, leave if you want to.”

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