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Chapter 233: 233

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Chapter 233: Forbearance, Control

Long Yang noticed her gaze and rode his horse up to her. “Don’t think so much, I have made the arrangements.”

Lu Liangwei turned her gaze away and mumbled quietly to herself about how she could not care less about what his plans were.

She thought Chu Yi would be a good catch. If he was willing to join the Lu family as an adopted son-in-law, she would not object. She had intended to pick a groom to become the family’s adopted son-in-law. As long as his character and looks were passable, it was enough.

Of course, this was just wishful thinking on her part.

Chu Yi had appeared in the arena because of Long Yang’s orders.

Even though she did not say a word, Long Yang was sharp enough to catch on to her disapproval.

When they entered the city, she covered her face with a veil. Only her beautiful, dark, bright eyes were seen.

She pulled on the reins as she rode the horse, looking a little distracted.

Long Yang’s almond-shaped, cold eyes narrowed slightly. He immediately rode the horse even closer to her.

His clean, fragrant scent immediately filled up Lu Liangwei’s nostrils. She blinked a few times as she noticed the distance between them got closer. This was a busy street filled with people. What was he doing moving in so close to her?


He suddenly called out her name gently.

Lu Liangwei was confounded.

His voice undoubtedly sounded attractive. It was husky and magnetic, especially when he was calling out her name. It was less intimidating as usual yet gentle and warmer than normal.

However, for some reason, she had always felt a subtle sense of forbearance and control from him whenever he called out her name.

She looked at him in a daze.

Long Yang was already holding onto her little hand. His huge sleeves did a good job of covering up the intimacy happening between them.

The look in Long Yang’s usually deep and dignified eyes had turned softer. A subtle smile flashed across his deep and dark eyes. They gave off a false impression of deep feelings whenever he looked quietly at Lu Liangwei.

“Once five days have passed, I will personally pay a visit to the Dowager Duchess and your father at your home.”

Lu Liangwei subconsciously clenched her fingers as they were being held, and her nails scratched the man’s palm, however, he held on even tighter to her hand.

Her heart shuddered as she forcefully calmed herself down and nodded. “Alright.”

Long Yang tried to read her expression.

She was so calm. There was no sense of rejection nor disgust.

Long Yang was slightly taken aback.

“Do you understand what I mean?”

His hand was dry and warm while Lu Liangwei’s hand was perspiring slightly from being held. She took the opportunity to pull her hand away as she lifted her petite face to look at him. She did not pretend to misconstrue the words. “I understand.”

His agenda was very clear and she was not stupid. How could she not understand what he meant?

He would come by after five days and personally ask for her hand from her grandmother and father.

Long Yang knew she was not stupid, but she had expressed her unwillingness before and told him clearly that she did not want to be his Empress, which was why he was slightly taken aback by her reaction.

“Okay. Be a good girl and wait for me.” Long Yang was not bothered with her pulling her hand away, instead, he tousled her hair.

Lu Liangwei felt a little embarrassed.

She did not feel uncomfortable when her father or brother tousled her head, but when it came to Long Yang doing it, a strange feeling would appear within her.

“It’s getting late, I should go home.”

“Okay, I’ll see you home.” Long Yang’s voice was gentle.

Lu Liangwei darted a look at him. If not for the unmistakable aura of elegance and dignity emanated by him, others might have mistaken him to be someone who was always this gentle.

However, Lu Liangwei was aware that he was not such a person.

Even if he was not the Emperor, he was not a person of gentle character.

When they arrived at the gates of the Grand Duke Mansion, Long Yang did not get off his horse.

Lu Liangwei got off her horse and passed the reins over to a servant waiting by the side. She was about to bid farewell to Long Yang when she saw Zhao Qian bringing something over to her.

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