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Chapter 236: 236

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Chapter 236: Proposing Marriage

Even though the Dowager Duchess was quite benevolent and amiable in her manner of dealing with others, when she did not speak, there was an aura about her that came from having been immersed in many bloody battles and extensive killing. It was very intimidating, causing one to both fear and respect her at the same time.

Ji Qingyuan had already come this far; he could not allow himself to back down at this point. He shouldered the pressure and disclosed his intentions to the Dowager Duchess.

When the Dowager Duchess finished listening to what he had to say, her eyelids flickered. “The Ji family wants to take our Weiwei as a daughter-in-law?”

Even though she had guessed his intentions, the Dowager Duchess was still very surprised when she heard Ji Qingyuan verbalize his request.

Both their families were considered to be on fairly amicable terms, but Ji Qingyuan had never let slip anything about such plans. However, at this critical juncture, he wanted to unite both families through marriage, which was very inexplicable to her.

Ji Qingyuan nodded. Given he had already laid everything out in the open, he no longer had so many misgivings.

“Yes, I’ve come here today because of this matter. Dowager Duchess, I’m aware that you and the Grand Duke love Weiwei very much and cannot bear to see her married off, which is why you chose to set up an arena to select a bridegroom.” He sighed as he spoke.

“To be honest, Dowager Duchess, this has been in my mind since the last Palace banquet, but I was worried that you would not approve of my rascal of a son, which was why I didn’t dare bring the matter up.

“However, I’ve been pondering it over ever since. If I miss out on having such a good girl like Weiwei as my daughter-in-law, I will definitely regret it in the future. That’s why I’ve plucked up the courage to make this visit. I dare not hope that the Dowager Duchess would agree to this marriage, but today I’ve put forward this proposal for your consideration. If we cannot obtain your consent, our family will let the matter rest.”

The Dowager Duchess was genuinely shocked to hear these sincere words from Ji Qingyuan.

It was not that she looked down on her younger granddaughter, but Weiwei had previously made too great a laughing stock of herself, and the aftermath had not yet subsided. Nonetheless, Ji Qingyuan still wanted Weiwei as a daughter-in-law. How could the Dowager Duchess not be utterly startled?

Was he not bothered at all by what had transpired between Weiwei and the Crown Prince?

Even though no one dared to speak openly about the embarrassment the incident had caused, for fear of the Grand Duke Family, but what was discussed in private was quite unpleasant to hear.

Weiwei did not have a good reputation at all.

Was Ji Qingyuan not bothered by this? Did the Ji family not mind?

The Dowager Duchess was quite doubtful about that.

However, Ji Qingyuan sounded sincere and did not appear to be putting up a false front. He seemed to be genuine in his intentions, which rather perplexed her.

What did Ji Qingyuan see in Weiwei?

The Dowager Duchess could not be blamed for thinking of Ji Qingyuan in this manner. Ever since Lu Liangwei had caused such a scandal, there had been quite a lot of unpleasant, vicious things said about her in private. Her reputation was considered more or less utterly ruined.

What did Ji Qingyuan want with Lu Liangwei as a daughter-in-law?

A hint of consideration could be seen within the Dowager Duchess’ wise eyes.

Ji Qingyuan was not a stupid man either. Naturally, he understood the Dowager Duchess’ ruminations. In his most sincere tone, he offered, “Dowager Duchess, please don’t second-guess this. I really do think that Weiwei is a good child. It’s my Xiu’er who can’t match up to her. You know how he is. That boy is arrogant and rebellious, unlike Weiwei, who is mature and stable. If we are able to become relatives through marriage, it would be a blessing for Xiu’er.”

The Dowager Duchess fell silent at his words.

Both families had had many dealings with each other in the past. In a way, she had watched that child, Ji Xiu, grow up. He was blessed with good looks but had always been stubborn and obstreperous since childhood. As he got older, he grew even more arrogant and obstinate and was incapable of submitting to discipline.

Even though his son had never done anything particularly bad, Ji Qingyuan had still encountered plenty of headaches because of Ji Xiu.

If this had been Weiwei from before, the Dowager Duchess would never have believed Ji Qingyuan’s words. However, so much had happened since, and Weiwei had certainly changed quite a lot. At the very least, she was far more likable than before, and her character had become much steadier.

“That girl has been pampered too much by the family. She’s not the paragon you make her out to be,” the Dowager Duchess replied in a tactfully polite manner.

Ji Qingyuan immediately replied, “You’re much too humble, Dowager Duchess. Weiwei has been personally guided by you, so naturally, she has been excellently brought up. Our Xiu’er, on the other hand, is very stubborn. I’m afraid he might not be a proper match for Weiwei. However, I do hope the Dowager Duchess will still give some consideration to my proposal today. I really do think Weiwei is a good girl, which is why I made up my mind to come and see you.”

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