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Chapter 241: 241

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Chapter 241: Even Had The Intention To Rebel

The Dowager Duchess sighed. She understood her son well.

As the Lu Family Army commander, he was a brave and mighty warrior who had conquered countless battlefields. He was not the type of man who only knew how to rely on brute force.

However, when the matter involved his daughter Weiwei, he can barely retain his composure.

Everyone praised Lu Hetian for his wisdom and strategic thinking, but they did not know that he was putty in the hands of his daughter and her mother. Whenever one of them was involved, all his rational thinking would go out the window…

“Why are you so anxious? Do you think that I want Weiwei to marry into the palace? But some things should never be said, so no matter how angry you are, you have to control yourself,” the Dowager Duchess said in a very stern voice.

Lu Hetian clenched his fists, the veins on the back of his hands bulging.

Compared to the explosive reactions of his father and grandmother, Lu Tingchen was relatively calmer.

It was because he had a better insight into what had happened between the Emperor and Weiwei.

Moreover, he had already noticed some signs long ago, but he did not expect that his guess would actually be correct or that the Emperor would make a move so soon.

Besides, he had sworn his loyalty to the Emperor, so he naturally could not speak ill about him.

Nevertheless, he also had mixed feelings about the Emperor’s desire to marry his little sister.

How old was Weiwei, and how old was the Emperor?

He could not help feeling a little uncomfortable as well.

After the palace banquet the other day, they became wary of the Emperor’s attitude toward Weiwei and were worried that he would take a fancy to her. That was why they decided to hold a contest to select a husband for Weiwei as soon as possible. By doing this, even if the Emperor fancied her, he would be forced to cease his efforts. However, they seemed to have underestimated his feelings for Weiwei.

The Emperor butted in, being fully aware that the Lu family was selecting a husband for Weiwei. In other words, he was determined to get what he wanted.

Apart from Weiwei, the three of them frowned in dismay as they pondered this.

“Weiwei, what did the Emperor tell you? Does he want to add you to his harem or marry you?” Lu Tingchen gradually calmed down and asked.

“He said that he wants to marry me as his empress,” Lu Liangwei said softly.

Only God knew how little she cared about the title of Empress.

However, Long Yang told her to choose between becoming his empress or his consort.

If she really were to enter the palace, she would naturally not make the foolish choice of becoming a consort.

While consorts may seem glamorous, they were just concubines in the end.

Hearing this, the Dowager Duchess breathed a sigh of relief.

Indeed, given the Duke Mansion’s status, Weiwei was worthy of becoming the Empress.


The Dowager Duchess had already made her decision. “Tomorrow, I’ll enter the palace and request an audience with the Emperor.”

The others fell silent when they heard this.

“Grandmother, are you going to ask the Emperor to withdraw his order?” Lu Tingchen could not help asking.

“The Emperor has yet to make his intentions clear. At least, he hasn’t disclosed his intention of marrying Weiwei to your father and me, so we’ll pretend that we don’t know anything. Tomorrow, I’ll enter the palace and ask him to take Weiwei as his goddaughter.”

As soon as she uttered these words, the others were shocked.

Lu Hetian spoke first, “Won’t this anger the Emperor?”

The Emperor wanted to marry his daughter, but they would propose for him to take her as his goddaughter instead.

Such a suggestion might make the Emperor furious.

The Dowager Duchess had naturally considered the consequences, but now—

“If we don’t do that, do you have a better idea?”

Lu Hetian scowled.

The Lu family had sworn loyalty to the court and the Emperor for generations. Must he even sacrifice his own daughter in the end?

Lu Hetian was indignant.

A sudden thought struck him, and he hurriedly said, “Didn’t Ji Qingyuan come today to propose a marriage with us? If there’s really no other way, why don’t we settle for Ji Xiu and let Weiwei marry as soon as possible?”

Lu Tingchen’s face was sullen. Ji Xiu was not a good match, but given the circumstances, they might have to let Weiwei marry such a person to prevent her from entering the palace.

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