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Chapter 246: Weiwei Is Already My Woman

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Chapter 246: Weiwei Is Already My Woman

It would be a good thing if the Emperor had rescinded his words. Unfortunately, he would not buy it even if she gave up her dignity in its entirety.

She had wanted to ask if the Emperor truly did not mind about the Crown Prince.

After all, Weiwei used to like Long Chi a lot, to the point of dying for him, even willing to be his concubine.

Was it possible that His Majesty was not bothered by this at all?

However, the Dowager Duchess did not say this out loud brashly.

This was because it was apparent that the Emperor was not about to change his mind. If she had voiced it out, it might just create more trouble for Weiwei in the future.

She had no idea what His Majesty liked about Weiwei.

Of course, her granddaughter had good looks and good temperament, but was she not too young for His Majesty?

Could he have liked her because of her youth?

The Dowager Duchess could not understand this.

By right, His Majesty would not fall for such a young girl with a man of his age and experience. Yet, he was attracted to Weiwei.

The Dowager Duchess sighed. Regardless, all women who entered the Palace had no chance for happiness. Once the novelty of Weiwei wore off, His Majesty might suddenly remember Weiwei’s feelings for Long Chi and would cease to treat her well.

The troubled look on the Dowager Duchess’ face deepened at the thought of this.

Long Yang knew he had pushed things too far when he saw her troubled and gloomy expression. He had placed the wise and decisive Dowager Duchess in a difficult position.

He softened his tone and made a solemn promise. “Dowager Duchess, please don’t worry about Weiwei marrying into the Palace in the future. I will never allow any harm to come to her.”

The Dowager Duchess was startled. It was quite rare for His Majesty to make such a promise.

However, she still could not stop worrying.

The Emperor was no ordinary man. Being by the side of a monarch was like accompanying a tiger. One moment, he would treat you well, the next, there was no guarantee of you staying alive.

Her Weiwei was such a good girl who deserved a better husband, but now she was about to fall into the hands of royalty…

The Dowager Duchess shut her eyes and suddenly opened up a cloth bag she was holding in her hands.

There was a flash of dazzling gold.

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly. He knew what she planned to do. He said in a low voice. “Dowager Duchess, there’s something I’m afraid you’re not aware of.”

The Dowager Duchess did not stop. She quickly unwrapped the cloth bag and ignored His Majesty’s words as she spoke, “Years ago, I’ve earned my merit by rescuing the late Emperor. He had bestowed this golden sword to me…”

“Weiwei is already my woman.”

The Dowager Duchess’ voice suddenly paused as she glared at the Emperor in front of her disbelievingly.

There was fury in her eyes.

“Your Majesty, how…” How dared he? His status was one of dignity and nobility, yet he had done such a beastly thing.

The Dowager Duchess almost blurted those words, but she stopped herself forcefully.

However, there was no way of hiding the rage on her face.

She was angry and furious.

She no longer cared that the person in front of her was the Emperor, nor was she bothered about how this would implicate the Grand Duke Family.

How could she not be shocked and angry?

However, she quickly forced herself to calm down, even managing a helpless smile on her face. “Your Majesty, you do love your jokes. You’re a respectable and noble man. How is it possible for you to commit such uncultured conduct?”

Long Yang’s gaze swept subtly across the golden sword in her hand. He felt slightly apologetic toward Weiwei as he said calmly, “The Dowager Duchess is right to lecture me. This matter is considered my fault for going against formality. That is why I am taking responsibility and want to quickly marry Weiwei into the Palace.”

The Dowager Duchess felt a tinge of bloody sweetness in her throat. She clenched her fist tightly as she forcefully gulped it down.

That was impossible. His Majesty must be spouting nonsense. Weiwei may be young of age, but she would never do something so out of line.

She never crossed the line when she was infatuated with Long Chi back then. It was impossible that when facing His Majesty, she would…

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