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Chapter 304: He Worked Me Up So Much

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Chapter 304: He Worked Me Up So Much

Hong Xiu immediately understood. “Crown Princess, do you mean that the Virtuous Consort invited Second Miss as well?”

Lu Yunshuang said sarcastically, “These people would naturally be gearing up to make a move now that Lu Liangwei has been appointed as Empress by His Majesty. All they can do now is try and curry favor.”

A murderous look flashed in her eyes as she said this.

She had never expected that moron, Lu Liangwei, to be put on such a high pedestal!

She had always thought that Lu Liangwei would only marry some commoner because of her previous disgraceful behavior, and that would be the end of her cheap life. Lu Yunshuang had never thought she would end up catching the eye of the Emperor.

Even though the Emperor did not have long to live, it was still quite an honor to be appointed as Empress.

Moreover, His Majesty may be thirty this year, but he looked divinely handsome. He was better looking than the Crown Prince and suffice to say, His Majesty was experienced and knowledgeable. There was an unattainable quality about him that no one could compete with.

Lu Yunshuang’s heart was moved at the thought of him, but upon remembering that he was a poisoned man, that feeling was instantly vanquished.

It did not matter if he was outstanding, he would not be able to escape from his fate. He was nothing but a man who was about to die.

Her unhappiness at Lu Liangwei about to marry into the Palace eventually dissipated at the thought of her sister becoming a widow not long after.

Let Lu Liangwei be delighted for now.

The happier she was now, the more she would cry in the future.

Lu Yunshuang would sure be the one who would laugh until the very end!

She was confident about this, and it cured the gloominess that had hung over her the past two days. She brought Hong Xiu out of the courtyard and planned to head to the imperial garden.

However, she had just walked out of the courtyard when she bumped right into Chen Qiyu.

Chen Qiyu was fanning herself with a round silk fan, shamelessly showing off her snake-slim waist she walked leisurely toward Lu Yunshuang.

“Big Sis, you’ve received the invite of the Virtuous Consort as well, am I right?” Chen Qiyu looked at her and something flashed in her eyes. She moved forward and held onto Lu Yunshuang’s hands as if nothing had happened between them. As if they were very close.

A look of hate flashed in Lu Yunshuang’s eyes. She did not even bother to put up any pretense as she violently shook Chen Qiyu’s hands off. “I don’t think I have a sister as alluring as Beauty Chen.”

What she meant was that Chen Qiyu was a seductress.

Chen Qiyu was not bothered. She lifted her hand to adjust a loose strand of hair, as if not understanding Lu Yunshuang’s words. She said in an extremely pleased tone, “It’s thanks to Her Highness, Virtuous Consort, that I have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the imperial garden. Her Highness is such a kind person.”

When Lu Yunshuang heard this, her previous good mood immediately disappeared.

The Virtuous Consort had invited this seductress?

She was a little unhappy about this.

Chen Qiyu was a nobody. Was the Virtuous Consort so blind as to invite such a person? Was she not worried about someone like this ruining the beauty and atmosphere of the imperial garden?

Chen Qiyu acted as if she did not notice the grim look on Lu Yunshuang’s face. She fanned her silk fan even faster, while she rested her other fan against her waist. She smirked, “Sigh, my waist still hurts a lot. It’s been a while and it still hasn’t recovered. If not for the Virtuous Consort’s invitation, I really wouldn’t want to move about… it’s all His Highness’ fault for working me up so much.” Lu Yunshuang’s face darkened further as she gave Hong Xiu a pointed glance.

Hong Xiu immediately lowered her head while she groaned quietly.

She still had not thought of a foolproof plan for the Crown Princess’ instructions.

It was difficult for a concubine to disappear from the Eastern Palace. If it was a normal palace maid, it would be fine, but this was Beauty Chen who had been favored. If she had disappeared for no reason, it would alert the Crown Prince and attract the attention of many.

The Crown Princess had been angered greatly by Chen Qiyu’s latest shenanigans. She would be sure to vent to Hong Xiu when they arived somewhere private.

Hong Xiu was quite unhappy about this, and her hatred for Chen Qiyu increased.

She thought, ‘I’ll allow you to be carefree for a few more days. Once you’re in the brothel, you’ll run out of tears to cry.”

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