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Chapter 318: 318

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Chapter 318: Could Lust Have Blurred His Judgment

Lu Liangwei broke into a smile as she grabbed his large hands in hers. “Okay. You have to do as you’ve promised, Your Majesty.”

She did not realize how intimate her actions were right now.

Long Yang’s lips curved upward as a smile twinkled in his eyes. “Okay.”

Long Chi clenched his fist. This scene in front of him was rather annoying.

How could Lu Liangwei be so uninhibited? There was also his Royal Uncle. Did he know how old he was? He was always emphasizing the importance of rules and regulations, yet what was he doing now?

Could lust have blurred his judgment?

How could he act so intimately with a young girl in broad daylight? This was pretty shameless.

“… What did you say?”

A sharp voice was heard at that moment. It interrupted everyone from their respective thoughts.

They all looked over only to see the Crown Princess clutch on the sleeves of the imperial physician in a somewhat unseemly display as she roared hysterically. “You quack! You must be in cohorts with Lu Liangwei. How dare you curse the child of the Crown Princess. You should be duly punished.”

The imperial physician was scared into a daze.

He had informed her of her condition honestly. How did he end up becoming a quack? Not only that, he was somehow in cohorts with Lu Liangwei? This was the first time he was meeting Second Miss Lu.

When Long Chi saw this, a dark look crossed his eyes. He strode forward and pulled the hysterical Lu Yunshuang off. He looked at the imperial physician and asked grimly, “What’s going on?”

Before the imperial physician could answer, Lu Yunshuang had turned to jump into the arms of Long Chi, sobbing. “Your Highness, this quack is actually cursing our child. He must have been in cohorts with Lu Liangwei. You must issue a heavy punishment upon him.”

Long Chi frowned and gave the imperial physician a look when heard this. After that, he cast a questioning gaze at Lu Liangwei.

When Lu Liangwei saw how Lu Yunshuang had once again dragged her into this, she knew she could no longer ignore the situation. She clapped away the crumbs in her hands and stood up. “Big Sis, it’s pretty difficult to understand your words. What do you mean by saying I’m in cohorts with the imperial physician? I’ve never even met him before today.”

She paused and then turned to the imperial physician. “Sir, have you met me before this?”

The imperial physician was now much calmer as he tidied his disheveled robes. Even though he could not understand why the Crown Princess insisted he was in cohorts with Second Miss Lu, he still expressed unhappiness for being maligned this way in public.

“I may be but a lowly official, but I can’t stand by and accept this while the Crown Princess is maligning me in such a manner. I have never met Second Miss Lu, let alone been acquainted with her. How can the Crown Princess distort the truth so easily with your words? Since the Crown Princess does not believe in my medical skills, you are welcome to summon another imperial physician to diagnose you. I would love to see if the entire imperial hospital is in cohorts with Second Miss Lu.”

Lu Liangwei almost gave him a big thumbs up.

This imperial physician had quite a solid character. His words were so reasonable!

Lu Yunshuang leaned into Long Chi’s arms as her face went green and pale concurrently. She could not speak for quite a while.

Long Chi once again asked the imperial physician grimly, “What exactly is going on?”

The imperial physician sighed and told Long Chi the result of his diagnosis.

“I’ve just checked the pulse of the Crown Princess and found that she is a month pregnant, but her health is in a fragile condition and there are symptoms of her miscarrying the baby. The Crown Princess could not accept the truth and began maligning me openly. Please give me some justice, Your Highness.” The imperial physician parted a portion of his robes as he said this and knelt. It looked like he was prepared to face death at any time.

Lu Liangwei had a very good impression of this imperial physician.

It was very rare to find such a strong character within the Palace area, and every sentence uttered by him was all within reason. Lu Yunshuang could only remain stunned from being confronted in such a way that left her no opportunity for a comeback.

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