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Chapter 329: 329

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Chapter 329: Distant Water Could Not Quench A Nearby Fire

Zhu Yu did not agree. “Miss, you are the future Empress, who will be in charge of the imperial harem. From what I can see, His Majesty likes you a lot and I don’t believe the Virtuous Consort and the others don’t notice that. They cannot wait to get into your good graces. How could they dare have any thoughts of such great disrespect?”

Did Long Yang like her a lot?

Lu Liangwei was slightly stunned. She gave this some thought and realized that Long Yang probably did like her a lot.

A warm, sweet feeling rose within Lu Liangwei at this realization.

Another thought crossed her mind and she tousled Zhu Yu’s hair. She wondered if she should make fun of Zhu Yu for being naïve or silly.

“Silly girl. Getting into my good graces might be something they want to do, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have other thoughts in their minds too. Who knows? They might now be wishing fervently for me to die, but they just can’t express it openly. Who would truly know?”

Zhu Yu felt indignant about this. “From what Miss just said, would that mean they want to secretly give you trouble once you’ve entered the Palace?”

Zhu Yu could not help but begin to worry.

At the Grand Duke Mansion, there was the Grand Duke, the Dowager Duchess, and the Heir Presumptive to protect her Miss. However, once she entered the Palace, even if she had the Grand Duke Family behind her, distant water would not be able to quench a nearby fire.

The more Zhu Yu thought about this, the more worried she got. The happiness she felt for Miss being able to catch His Majesty’s eye began to waver.

The title of Empress may be noble, but it might come with many things that her Miss would not be able to handle.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes narrowed slightly. “No one can really tell for now. Don’t worry, your Miss is not a weakling. If they do anything wrong and I catch them, I will not be lenient with them.”

When Zhu Yu heard this, she stared blankly in reply.

She felt her Miss had become the complete opposite of who she was in the past.

If the Miss of before had heard what Zhu Yu just said, she would have been so consumed with anger that she would insist on creating trouble for the other party.

However, her Miss was now calmer and acted quite confident. For some reason, this made Zhu Yu feel much safer.

“Okay. I will always stay by your side,” Zhu Yu said determinedly.

Lu Liangwei felt a warmth in her heart. Doting on this girl was not for nothing, however…

“Stop saying silly things. Once you meet someone you like, I will take charge of your happiness.”

Zhu Yu was stunned. Someone she liked?

A handsome, tall figure flashed in her mind, but she quickly shook her head to chase that thought away.

“I don’t have anyone I like.”

Lu Liangwei did not take her words to heart. “Not having anyone you like now doesn’t mean you won’t find someone in the future.”

She gave it some thought and gifted the pair of jade bracelets from the Virtuous Consort to Zhu Yu.

Zhu Yu was delightfully surprised but quickly rejected it. “I can’t accept this. Please do not give them to me, Miss.”

Lu Liangwei did not think it would be a problem. She had a lot more in her room. Besides, this pair was quite good quality, and it would be a pity to pawn them. Zhu Yu belonged to Lu Liangwei and it was truly not an issue to gift them to her.

“These are for you. Keep them,” Lu Liangwei ordered with a stern expression.

Zhu Yu did not dare reject the gift any longer when she heard that and took the bracelets with only slight trepidation.

Lu Liangwei was mildly exasperated, but did not say anything more.

In the end, they visited a pawnshop and Lu Liangwei pawned the box of jewelry given by the Pure Consort. She did not pawn the bracelet that the Prudence Consort had given to her. After all, it was left behind by the late Empress Dowager.

She could tell that the Prudence Consort had been forced into giving her the bracelet, unlike the Virtuous Consort and Pure Consort who had clearly prepared their gifts earlier.

She had never planned to take those bracelets from the Prudence Consort, and would of course, never exchange something unwillingly gifted just for silver pieces.

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