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Chapter 330: 330

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Chapter 330: He Felt Fortunate To Have Washed His Hair Yesterday

Lu Liangwei sat in the horse carriage as she calculated the silver in her hand. There were a total of one thousand teals.

That box of jewelry from the Pure Consort was indeed valuable.

Lu Liangwei passed the silver drafts to Zhu Yu for safekeeping and instructed, “Head to the west of the city.”

“Yes, Miss,” Gu Er replied from outside, bringing the horse carriage towards the west of the city.

It was not long before they arrived.

Lu Liangwei had just gotten off the carriage when a female beggar approached her.

The beggar’s face was dirty and she was wearing torn and untidy clothes. Her hair was a huge mess. It was only clear that she was a woman because she had a slender figure and though her face was covered in dirt, one could vaguely make out the feminine outline of her face.

Lu Liangwei noticed the beggar was looking at her strangely.

She paused her steps and looked at the beggar with her eyebrow raised.

The female beggar did not come closer, only smiling at Lu Liangwei before turning to run into the courtyard where Youyou and the others lived.

Zhu Yu found the smile quite creepy. She tried to talk Lu Liangwei out of stepping into the courtyard. “Miss, this person looks quite suspicious. Why don’t we skip going in today and return to visit another day?”

Lu Liangwei tried to placate her as she said, “It’s fine. Moreover, Big Bro Gu Er is here, isn’t he?”

Zhu Yu turned to glance at Gu Er and frowned. She did not think a cripple could help with anything.

Gu Er had already come forward, looking out for Lu Liangwei from behind her.

Lu Liangwei smiled at him and lifted her leg to cross the door’s threshold.

Gu Er was taken aback but quickly followed behind.

Zhu Yu wanted to put a stop to this, but it was now too late. She could only follow suit.

The female beggar they had bumped into just then was now sitting in the courtyard. She was holding a dirty bun in her hand, saying disdainfully, “How could you give me such a thing to eat?”

Youyou was speechless. “It’s considered lucky for us to have food and you’re complaining about getting some? If you don’t want it, give it to me.”

The female beggar immediately pushed it back into his hands. “I can’t eat this. Here, you can have it back.”

Youyou shook his head. He regretted being soft-hearted and taking her in earlier.

What was with that attitude? She was desperate enough to be begging for food and yet she still saw herself as someone noble?

If she still acted so stubborn after missing a few more meals, he would let her be.

He took the bun and bit hard into it. When he turned back and saw who was walking in, the expression on his little face immediately turned into a delighted smile. “Sister Lu, what are you doing here?”

Lu Liangwei tousled his hair. “I came here to visit all of you.”

Youyou let out a light laugh. “Sister Lu, you haven’t been here in a long time.”

He felt fortunate to have washed his hair yesterday. If not, Sister Lu would have gotten her hand full of dirty mud if she had tousled his hair then.

“Is your grandfather feeling better?” Lu Liangwei asked.

Youyou nodded. “Grandfather’s health has mostly improved. He can get out of bed and walk now. He’s in the room right now, I’ll take you to him.”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “Okay.”

She ignored the female beggar, who was staring at her from the sidelines.

Youyou giggled and pulled Lu Liangwei’s hand as he walked her towards the room.

“Grandfather, Sister Lu is here to see you,” Youyou shouted out loud before he even entered the room.

When they both entered, they saw the old beggar sitting cross-legged on the heated platform. It looked like he was meditating.

Lu Liangwei felt slightly excited when she saw this.

She had seen something like this on television before. When a martial arts master was practicing martial arts, he would look just like the old beggar did now, as if calm and without any worldly ties.

She watched quietly from the side of the room, not wanting to disturb him with any noise.

Youyou said quietly to her, “Sister Lu, grandfather is practicing martial arts. He practices every day and he told me once he had recuperated a bit, he’s gonna start teaching me martial art skills too.”

Lu Liangwei patted his head and said nothing.

She had guessed long ago that the old beggar had a less than ordinary history, which was why she was not surprised to see him meditate and practice martial arts.

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