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Chapter 332: 332

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Chapter 332: Pledge Marriage

Youyou stared blankly at her when he heard this. His little hand gripped the corner of his shirt tightly. He was feeling a little hurt.

Sister Lu did not want his protection…

His dark, bright eyes suddenly turned dim as he lowered his head.

Lu Liangwei’s heart tightened as she soothed him. “I don’t need you to protect me because you are still young. Besides, I’m a grown-up. How can I allow a child to protect me?”

Youyou felt better when he heard this. He lifted his head to look at her determinedly. “I will do my best to grow up and work hard at practicing martial arts. Once I’ve grown up, I’ll be able to protect you, Sister Lu.”

Lu Liangwei did not want to shatter his confidence again, so she nodded. “Okay. I’ll wait for you.”

Youyou finally took out the book happily and found himself a corner to memorize the secret manual.

Lu Liangwei shook her head in amusement and did not take the child’s innocent words to heart. She took the thousand teals worth of silver drafts from Zhu Yu and gave the old beggar eight hundred teals. “Senior, this house is adequate in the summer, but once it begins raining or winter arrives, the place would not be fit to live in. Please get someone to fix it up and use the leftover money to get Youyou and the others better meals.”

The old beggar’s eyes turned slightly red, but he did not politely reject the offer. It was fine for him to suffer, but his little master was still growing. He needed a good environment and nutritious meals.

However, he would not take these silver pieces for free. When the right time came in the future and the little master had taken back everything that belonged to him, he would definitely get his little master to pay back Miss Lu.

“Thank you, Miss Lu.” The old beggar’s eyes quivered, but he did not say any extra words of gratitude.

All the pretty words in the world could not be compared to practical action.

“It’s just a lift of the finger.” Lu Liangwei did not take it to heart. She had gotten those silver pieces for free anyway. The money did not matter to her if it was able to help those in need.

She turned and walked toward the female beggar who was poking her head in at the door.

When the female beggar saw Lu Liangwei coming out, she quickly sat up properly and turned to look outside, as if she was watching the sky.

Lu Liangwei sneered. “That’s enough. You can stop pretending. Do you think this is the first day I’ve known you? You can have the remaining two hundred teals. Be careful not to become a real beggar, or else no one will be willing to acknowledge you if you decide to return home to your parents.”

She pushed the remaining two hundred teals she had into the female beggar’s arms as she said this.

The female beggar looked at the two hundred teals’ worth of silver drafts in her arms. She was slightly stunned.

She had never bothered herself with such a meager amount of money before, but now…

After starving herself for a few meals and being looked down on by others, these two hundred teal were like a huge amount of cash that was filled with kindness.

“Lu Liangwei, I knew I was not wrong about you,” she wanted to pounce on Lu Liangwei for a hug as she said this.

Lu Liangwei quickly evaded her and said exasperatedly, “Quit being so mushy. Can’t you see how dirty you are? If you dirtied my dress, I’ll have no choice but to sell you.”

The female beggar stopped in her tracks when she heard this and pursed her lips in disdain. “Do you think I actually want to hug you? It’s too bad we’re both women. All I wanted to do was to show you my gratitude and naturally, I can only hug you. You can’t expect me to pledge marriage to you, right?”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched as she said without holding back, “You’re making it sound like you actually matter to me. You want to pledge marriage to me? Let’s wait until you have a sex change.”

The female beggar was not angered by this. She kept the silver drafts in her pockets delightedly, hiding them close to herself.

Lu Liangwei shook her head and asked, “Are you really planning to hide here your entire life?”

The female beggar’s face darkened slightly when she heard this. Her voice was forced low. “I don’t know. But at the very least, I can’t return home now. If Chen Xuping finds out I’m not dead, he will send someone to kill me immediately.”

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