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Chapter 337: Long Yang’s Worry

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Chapter 337: Long Yang’s Worry

He was still a little worried as he thought about it. If Zhao Qian’s information about the horrors of menstrual pain was reliable, and if Weiwei suffered from it, how could her petite body bear it?

He furrowed his brow, momentarily distracted from the state affairs.

Why did women menstruate?

Despite his worry, it was difficult for him to ask about a lady’s private matter.

Zhao Qian’s heart sank as he looked at his master’s darkening face. Did he say something wrong?

He did not say much just now, though. He only recited to the Emperor what the palace maid had told him.

Wait—was the Emperor so gloomy because he was worried about Second Miss Lu?

When Zhao Qian thought of this possibility, his spirits rose.

He patted himself on the back, feeling that he was indeed a good subordinate who understood the Emperor’s heart well.

With that in mind, he immediately suggested, “Master, if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can summon Imperial Physician Wu to question him. He specializes in women’s health, so he must know a lot about these things.”

Long Yang was moved by the idea, but then thought of something, and his face darkened even further. “Do you have too much free time, Zhao Qian?”

His reprimand sent Zhao Qian into a daze.

What did he say wrong?

Also, how could he possibly be free? He was a busy man, thank you very much.

Sigh, the Emperor’s heart was really unpredictable.

He thought he had figured out what his master was thinking, but he had rubbed him the wrong way instead.

Meanwhile, Lu Liangwei was shopping in the silk and satin boutique.

She was going to Tianzhu Mountain soon, and her period was near too, so she needed to buy some good-quality cotton and muslin to make sanitary belts.

Zhu Yu used to help prepare her previous ones, but she was not used to them, so she decided to make some herself.

After shopping, she returned to the Grand Duke Mansion.

However, she had just stepped through the gates when she saw Lu Hetian and Ji Qingyuan walking in her direction.

Both of them also caught sight of her. Lu Hetian’s eyes were filled with affection, and he wanted to ask her about what happened in the palace today. However, with Ji Qingyuan, an outsider, around, he hid his words in his heart, planning to ask her after going back inside later.

“Take care, Brother Ji. I’m sorry I can’t escort you further.” He turned and looked at Ji Qingyuan courteously, clearly wanting to send him away.

Ji Qingyuan’s mouth twitched, but he was obviously used to not getting along with him. He pretended not to hear him and turned to look at Lu Liangwei with a gentle expression.

“You’re back, Weiwei.”

“Yes, Duke Ji,” Lu Liangwei replied politely.

Ji Qingyuan’s heart was full of mixed feelings.

Why did the Emperor take a fancy to this girl?

Thinking of the Emperor’s condition, he sighed.

This lovely girl’s entire life was going to be ruined from now on, was it not?

He deeply believed that the Emperor had gone too far. Even though he was the Emperor, he should not waste this young girl’s life away.

However, it was only through the Emperor’s plan to marry Lu Liangwei as Empress that he figured out why the Emperor appointed a marriage to Ji Xiu the last time.

It seemed that the Emperor had already known that he wanted to become in-laws with the Lu Family, which was why the marriage appointment had taken place.

Thinking of this, Ji Qingyuan smiled ruefully to himself.

The Emperor was unexpectedly attentive. This was also enough to show how fond he was of Lu Liangwei.

However, he frowned when he remembered his daughter Linghui.

He felt that his daughter was foolish and pitiful.

She had wholeheartedly jumped into the firepit that was the imperial palace. She eventually learned things the hard way, did she not?

If the Emperor had shown so much as a sliver of care for Linghui, then her efforts would have been worth it.

However, Linghui had been in the palace for many years, and the Emperor still treated her with indifference. It was hard to say whether he even remembered her existence.

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