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Chapter 34

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That meant if it was not for what Aunt Zheng said, she would not have presented this miscopied scripture to the Dowager Duchess.

The Dowager Duchess had seen the scripture before. Indeed, the handwriting in the first few pages was not as good as the last few pages. Nonetheless, it was still considered orderly.

Her expression softened. “I’m glad that you took the effort. You would have to practice writing slowly. The more practice you have, the better your handwriting will be,” she advised.

The reason why she punished Lu Liangwei to copy scriptures was to tame and get rid of her impetuous temper.

However, she had never expected for it to be effective, especially on the very first day.

There was a saying that one’s personality was reflected through their handwriting.

Through the lines of words and the spaces in between, it was evident that Weiwei’s temper was not the same as before. She had become much more reserved.

If it was not for all the trouble she had caused in the past, she would’ve thought that this granddaughter of hers had always had a quiet, dignified personality.

“I know, Grandmother,” Lu Liangwei nodded obediently.

Seeing this, the Dowager Duchess was beyond delighted.

Perhaps she had misjudged her previously. It did not seem so hard to discipline this granddaughter after all.

If they taught her well, she may potentially turn out to be a great talent.

Upon seeing all that was unfolding, Aunt Zheng’s heart sunk. She had originally intended to make the Dowager Duchess hate Lu Liangwei again through this incident, but she never expected that it would make the Dowager Duchess fancy her more.

She clutched her handkerchief with loath.

“Weiwei’s writing must have improved tremendously to receive such praise from the Dowager Duchess. Let me take a look as well,” she commented and headed over. She wanted to take a look at Lu Liangwei’s scripture in order to determine if someone had helped her copied the words.

Seeing this, the Dowager Duchess handed the scripture over to her directly. “Take it if you want to see it,” she said.

Aunt Zheng accepted the scripture respectfully.

She looked over the scriptures attentively and praised endlessly. “Weiwei’s writing is getting better and better. Her writing was not as good as it is now the last time I saw it,” she said.

She was trying to imply that Lu Liangwei’s scripture was copied by someone else.

Lu Liangwei laughed coldly. “Oh, so Aunt Zheng has seen my writing before,” she said.

Aunt Zheng put down the scripture in her hand. She said gently, “Yes, I’ve seen it. Your handwriting was indeed not as good as it is now. Weiwei, do you still remember that one time you and your sister were writing together, but eventually…”

She did not manage to tell them about what had happened eventually, but Lu Liangwei could tell from her subtle expression that it had ended in an argument between the both of them.

Did Lu Liangwei feel unhappy and jealous because her handwriting was not as good as Lu Yunshuang’s?

Lu Yunshuang voiced out appropriately. “Aunt Zheng, that’s all in the past. Why did you even mention it?” She got up and walked over to pick up the scripture and looked at it. “Weiwei’s handwriting has really gotten way better than before,” she praised.


As she finished speaking, she gripped Lu Liangwei’s hand gratifyingly. “Seeing my little sister grow more and more accomplished day by day, I sincerely feel happy for you as your elder sister,” she said.

Unable to tolerate her pretense, Lu Liangwei withdrew her hand in a calm and collected manner.

“Sister, your words really bring me to shame. All I did was copy a scripture, I really do not deserve such praise from you,” she replied.

Upon hearing her words, Lu Yunshuang shot her a piercing glare, feeling extremely uneasy at heart.

Having rushed back to visit the Dowager Duchess today, she had never imagined that the Dowager Duchess’s attention would be fully centered on Lu Liangwei.

Seeing the Dowager Duchess fancy Lu Liangwei more and more, she was feeling slightly anxious, despite not showing a hint of it.

The Dowager Duchess could only stand by her side. She would never allow Lu Liangwei to distract her attention.

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