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Chapter 340: The Radiant Beauty Under The Veil

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Chapter 340: The Radiant Beauty Under The Veil

She just did not expect Lu Hetian to trigger the mechanism in front of her like that.

It was not just a show of his affection but more of his trust in his daughter.

Lu Liangwei’s heart warmed. Right now, she was no longer excited about what kind of treasure he was going to give her.

Sitting down in a nearby chair, she saw Lu Hetian bring out a box from the bookshelf’s hidden compartment.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes lit up at this sight. Had Father hidden a chest of gold, and was he going to give it to her now?

Seeing her money-hungry expression, Lu Hetian shook his head helplessly and put the box on the table in front of her.

He seemed to be recalling something as his face shadowed with grief and his slender fingers stroked the edge of the box. For a long time, he did not speak.

Lu Liangwei looked at him quietly, not missing the flicker of sadness in her father’s eyes when he looked at the box.

Her gaze could not help landing on the box.

It was square and not very big. From the outside, it seemed just like a slightly larger jewelry box.

However, it exuded an ancient smell, which was a sign of its old age.

Lu Hetian took out a dainty silver key and opened the box.

“Everything inside was left to you by your mother. Before she passed, she told me to give you all these when you get married in the future.”

When Lu Hetian said this, his voice was low, and his angular facial features softened slightly.

Lu Liangwei was not too surprised. When she saw his grave expression just now, she had already guessed that this probably belonged to Madam Ling.

Lu Hetian turned the box toward her and pointed to the contents inside. “There are two sets of hair ornaments, made of gold and jade. It’s said that your maternal grandfather made them for your maternal grandmother himself, and you would not find a same design outside.”

Lu Liangwei cast her gaze on the two sets of hair ornaments in the box, and her eyes flashed with amazement.

These two sets of hair ornaments would cause a sensation if taken outside.

Lu Liangwei could not help reaching out and touching the jewelry in the box.

The gold gleamed radiantly while the jade shimmered coolly and gently, but all the designs were exceptionally intricate.

However, what attracted her the most was a golden coronet.

The coronet was made of pure gold and was in the shape of two phoenixes with a large pearl dangling in the middle, creating a delicate image of the phoenixes holding up the pearl. There were also several chains of beads that hung down long on both sides. It was indeed intricate and stunning.

It was truly astounding to be able to make such an exquisite coronet during the period’s craftmanship.

With this coronet, the other ornaments no longer seemed outstanding.

Lu Liangwei fell in love with this coronet at first glance.

She picked it up and examined it, not willing to put it down.

Seeing this, Lu Hetian took the coronet from her and helped her put it on her head.

Lu Liangwei had thought that this coronet would be heavy when worn on her head. To her surprise, it was not as heavy as she had imagined it to be and felt its weight was just right.

Touching the beads hanging down on both sides, she looked at Lu Hetian expectantly and asked playfully, “Dad, do I look good wearing it?”

Lu Hetian was dazed at the sight of his gorgeous daughter in front of him.

His gaze landed on the golden coronet on her head, and he recalled the radiant beauty he saw when he lifted his bride’s veil on his wedding day.

When Lu Liangwei saw that he did not react for a while as if he was stuck in reminisce, her chest tightened. She hurriedly removed the coronet and shook his hand, whispering, “Dad…”

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