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Chapter 347: 347

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Chapter 347: There Are Other Beauties With Wonderful Colors

Long Yang switched to the new topic with ease. “Yes, it is only right to make the Dowager Duchess’ seventieth birthday a grand affair. When the time comes, I will send some people from the Ministry of Rites to help out.”

A thin layer of sweat appeared on Lu Tingchen’s forehead as he quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

He apologized to his grandmother in his heart. It was all because His Majesty was playing dirty by threatening him with marriage.

He did not want to get married yet; marriage was meaningless. He looked toward His Majesty as his role model. He would at least wait until Weiwei was married and had some children before he would even consider getting married. He would be at least thirty years old by then.

Eastern Palace.

Lu Yunshuang had hired quite a few physicians, one after another. It angered her immensely when all of them told her that she would not be able to keep her child, but now, she had calmed down somewhat.

She did not want to accept this fate. It took so much planning for her to finally be able to get pregnant. How could she watch helplessly as her future child was miscarried?

She had heard about many strange and gifted people living among the common people. If those useless creatures from the imperial hospital were not able to help her keep her child, it did not mean that there was no one out there with better medical skills that could save her baby.

Take Madam Ling for example.

Madam Ling was born into the martial world, and she became well-known as a genius doctor there.

Since a Madam Ling had appeared then, there had to be another one like her.

Lu Yunshuang was confident that there had to be a genius doctor with supreme medical skills just like Madam Ling living among the common people.

In her eyes, there was nothing she could not achieve as long as she was willing to pay enough teals of silver.

That was why she went looking for Long Chi at the first sign of dawn. She wanted him to make a request to His Majesty to place a notice on the imperial board and put out a search for a skillful doctor to save the child in her belly.

However, she had not even reached Long Chi’s courtyard when she bumped into him. Long Chi was coming from another direction.

Long Chi had come from some distance. His hair was still wet and there was moisture on his skin. It looked like he had just taken a bath.

Lu Yunshuang frowned and sized him up with a glance.

A suspicion rose within her when she saw him looking so refreshed and energetic.

It was difficult not to overthink all this when she saw from which direction he was coming.

Lu Yunshuang clenched tightly onto her handkerchief and went up to him. She asked with concern, “Your Highness, what were you doing just now?”

Long Chi had not expected to bump into her here and there was some guilt in his heart. He held her shoulders and said in a gentle voice, “Shuang’er, why are you up so early? You should stay in bed longer if you’re feeling ill.”

Lu Yunshuang did not feel happy about his gentle demeanor. Instead, she felt a shred of unhappiness.

Why did he not answer her question? Was it too difficult to answer?

At the thought of the direction he had come from, it was clear that he was leaving the courtyard of that slut, Chen Qiyu.

Her sharp nails dug deep into her flesh.

Chen Qiyu again!

Even though she was filled with utter hate, she had to force herself to tolerate this. Her face turned pale with rage, but she had to shake her head. “I’m fine.”

Spending the night bedding another woman passionately had helped Long Chi find a release for the lust he harbored for Lu Liangwei. He felt especially patient right now. “How are you fine? There is no color on your face. You better return to have a good rest, let me walk you back.”

Lu Yunshuang felt like a cat whose tail had just been stepped on at those words. She immediately exploded with anger as she stared at him and sneered. “I might not have any color on myself, but there are other beauties with wonderful colors. Does Your Highness feel much more relaxed now that you have had your fill of another woman’s warmth and tenderness for the entire night I was ill for?”

Long Chi did not expect her to be so direct with her confrontation, and the look on his face changed.

It took him quite a while before he said in a calm voice, “I am the Crown Prince. Isn’t it normal for me to have a few concubines? Besides, they were bestowed to me by Royal Uncle. How can I just leave them hanging?”

Lu Yunshuang looked at him with complete disbelief. She had never expected him to say this. For a moment, she could not stop staring at him. It felt like looking at a stranger.

It took Lu Yunshuang some time before saying in a trembling voice, “Your Highness, have you forgotten all the promises you made when you married me?”

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