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Chapter 352: 352

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Chapter 352: It’s My Blessing To Take Second Miss Lu As My Wife

Long Chi was relieved. “Thank you, Royal Uncle.” After saying that, he wanted to seize the chance to excuse himself, but he suddenly heard his royal uncle say, “If I were in that position, I’d never leave Weiwei’s side, even if I’m not a physician. Of course, I’d never allow such a thing to happen to Weiwei.”

Long Chi stared at him in astonishment, forgetting that it was insolent to look straight at the Emperor like this.

Long Yang raised an eyebrow and looked at him coldly. “Do you think that there’s anything wrong with what I just said?” The man even lost his cool!

“I wouldn’t dare!” Long Chi hurriedly lowered his head.

However, he complained frantically in his heart, ‘Why did Royal Uncle suddenly bring up how he’d treat Lu Liangwei in front of me?’

He did not think that his royal uncle was baring his heart to him. On the contrary, he felt that his royal uncle was implicitly declaring his ownership of Lu Liangwei.

This realization sent a wave of complicated feelings washing over Long Chi.

However, Royal Uncle was surely exaggerating a little too much. How could he impregnate Lu Liangwei with that useless body of his?

He would never allow such a thing to happen to Lu Liangwei, huh?

Well, of course, that would be because he could not even do the deed if he wanted to.

With that thought in mind, the frustration and dissatisfaction in Long Chi’s heart dissipated.

Why should he bother himself with an imperfect man?

“You’re so kind, Royal Uncle. It must be Second Miss Lu’s utmost blessing to marry you.” Suppressing his disagreement, Long Chi flattered Long Yang insincerely.

Long Yang shook his head. “Why would you think that way? You should say that it’s my blessing to marry Second Miss Lu.”

Long Chi, “…”

Seeing his royal uncle acting so differently from usual, Long Chi felt even more doubtful.

The sight of his royal uncle being so approachable somehow frightened him.

Why was Royal Uncle speaking so highly of Lu Liangwei?

Was it appropriate for the Emperor to say such things?

In that case, did it not imply that Long Chi missed out on a blessing because he abandoned Lu Liangwei and chose Lu Yunshuang?

Remembering Lu Yunshuang miscarrying because of her hysteria in front of him yesterday, he suddenly started to waver.

Maybe, just maybe, he had been wrong.

Just when he was starting to get anxious about how to respond to his royal uncle’s words, he heard Long Yang say in a deep voice, “If there’s nothing else, you may leave now. You should go back and look after the Crown Princess.”

“Yes, I’ll be taking my leave now.” Long Chi immediately bowed to him and exited the imperial study.

The moment he left, Long Yang summoned Zhao Qian. “Go and find out what’s going on with that Aunt Zheng and how her relationship is with Weiwei. If Weiwei doesn’t like this secondary wife, find a way to stop her from returning to the Grand Duke Mansion.”

Zhao Qian had been outside the door all this time, and he naturally heard Long Chi and his master’s conversation as well as the strange things his master said.

To be honest, he was also a little surprised.

He did not expect his master to behave this way.

It was painfully obvious that he was declaring ownership of Second Miss Lu in front of the Crown Prince.

“Yes, I’ll see to it right away.”

Watching him preparing to leave, Long Yang thought of something and said nonchalantly, “I forgot to tell the Crown Prince just now that the Grand Duke’s not in the imperial capital. I’m afraid that it’d be a waste of his time if he goes to the Grand Duke Mansion now.”

There was a telltale twitch at one corner of Zhao Qian’s mouth. ‘Master, are you sure that you didn’t do it on purpose?’

“Is Tianzhu Mountain next to Huaizhou?” Long Yang asked.

Zhao Qian nodded. “Yes, Master.” However, he found his master’s question strange. Master knew the geography of the Great Shang Kingdom well, and moreover, Huaizhou was not far from the imperial capital. Surely Master would know the answer?

So, if Master knew already that, why did he still ask?

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