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Chapter 359: 359

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Chapter 359: She Was Suddenly Unable To Continue Walking

The location they had just been in was closer to the foot of the mountain. It was now apparent that they would not be able to make it in time to get help from the Lu family holiday home, which was halfway up the mountain. Moreover, the mountain roads would be impossible to traverse at this time.

Zhu Yu was worried about her Miss and in a moment of panic, shouted at the people passing by the foot of the mountain, even name-dropping the Grand Duke Family in her desperation.

Whether the people believed her or not, they still stopped and headed up the mountain.

Zhu Yu was upset as she said, “I’m hurt. Take a look, my elbow is scratched.”

She pulled up her sleeve as she said this.

Indeed, her elbow was bloody and almost looked mutilated.

Lu Liangwei felt her heart squeeze at the sight. “I’ll help you put some medication on when we get back. I promise you that it won’t leave a scar.”

Chu Jiu glanced at Zhu Yu’s wound as she heard this, but quickly turned her gaze away.

This minor scratch was not a real wound to her. To think that such a measly scrape could even garner a cry…

“It doesn’t really hurt that much,” Zhu Yu gave Chu Jiu a slightly proud look when she saw her Miss concerned for her. Chu Jiu, take a look and do not be jealous. Her Miss cared about Zhu Yu more.

Zhu Yu remembered something and said to Lu Liangwei, “Miss, when I saw those people going after you, I panicked and managed to get these few brave gentlemen to help out,” she pointed at the few men standing behind as she said this.

When Zhu Yu looked at the man leading the group, her head lowered with slight shyness.

She was truly lucky. All she did was suddenly call out for some help and she had managed to get the help of such a handsome gentleman by sheer chance.

Lu Liangwei had already noticed the few men standing behind Zhu Yu. They were not from the Grand Duke Mansion.

Even though these men did not manage to provide any assistance, they still proved that they were quite helpful for being willing to come up the mountain when Zhu Yu called for help.

“Thank you, everyone,” Lu Liangwei nodded slightly at the few men standing in front of her as a gesture of thanks.

The man leading the group looked to be twenty-something. He stood in front of the rest of the men and gave off the impression that he was someone who was used to being attended to. The way he looked and acted indicated that he had an extraordinary background. All it took was one look at him to tell that he was of nobility.

Lu Liangwei gave him just a glance before turning away, and did not pay too much attention to him.

Long Xiao gave a light smile. “You’re much too polite, Miss. We weren’t really able to help out with anything.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Even so, you were willing to come up the mountain when my maidservant called out for help. That is kindness worthy of praise.”

A playful look flashed in Long Xiao’s eyes.

This person standing in front of him must be the chosen Empress of his Royal Brother, the daughter of the principal wife from the Grand Duke Family, Lu Liangwei.

While he was far away at Xiangyang, he had heard how the Grand Duke had a daughter who was a ravishing beauty. Unfortunately, she had a terrible temperament and a lot of history with the Crown Prince. He had never expected that Royal Brother of his to fall for her.

If he remembered correctly, the age gap between them was fifteen years apart.

This was what his Royal Brother liked?

This was very unexpected!

Does his Royal Brother not mind at all that this little Empress of his had almost become his niece-in-law?

Lu Liangwei’s keen sense picked up on the man sizing her up. She frowned subtly and her voice was indifferent as she said, “We won’t disturb your journey any longer. We’ll say our goodbyes here.”

With that, she pulled Zhu Yu along without hesitation.

Zhu Yu turned back to look at Long Xiao, not quite willing to leave.

She did not expect him to suddenly smile at her. When Zhu Yu saw this, she was suddenly unable to continue walking.

The gentleman may have looked a little on the feminine side, but his looks were still definitely stiff competition for the looks of the Heir Presumptive of the Grand Duke Family.

She could not help tugging on her Miss’s arm as she tried to negotiate quietly, “Miss, this gentleman has been quite earnest to help. Why don’t we invite him to the holiday home for a cup of tea?”

When Lu Liangwei saw that dreamy look on Zhu Yu’s face, her pretty face immediately fell. “No, we shouldn’t.”

A withered expression appeared on Zhu Yu’s face as she looked at Lu Liangwei pitifully.

Lu Liangwei gave a cold laugh. “I thought you only had eyes for my brother. I never thought that any Tom, Dick, and Harry would be able to buy you over just with their looks.”

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